Is there a good substitute to Adobe Muse for totally creative designs that don't look anything like standard websites?

Hi everyone,
I haven’t even used Muse, but I am looking for some alternative software for making totally creative designs that don’t look anything like standard readable websites? I want to use Pixel fonts, crude typewriter fonts, etc. I am one of those old school designers who are repulsed by code/coding, and I want to stay as much as possible away from code. So, I want to design in Photoshop, then import my PSD file (with layers or not), then draw free-form (not rectangular) live area around the buttons that I want to assign links to. I have used old school Fireworks in the 2000s with minimal coding, but even if I got back to it now it wouldn’t do responsive designs ready for phone/notepad – and responsive design is my priority. Whatever I design I want it to export and work perfectly on phones, tablets an PCs. Is there such a thing… or I have to do one version of the design for a tablet… another version for a phone… and export a third version to make it work for PC? Thanks.

I am currently looking at a bunch of alternatives to Muse… but before I start trying this and that free, I want to get narrow down the circle of choices. Responsive design and importing PSD or JPG files is a priority because I want to design my file in Photoshop, (or even draw and scan), then assign the links.

I thought they discontinued Muse :thinking:

Anyhoo, I have no idea what your price range is. Just google “Alternatives to Adobe Muse?” I got many hits. You will just have to see which one suits you :slight_smile:

I’m sure if anyone else has tried something different they will chime in.

This sounds promising! Notice the icons that show a PC, a tablet and phone… So, I suppose the code for them is generated as you design.

Uh… actually it seems the free version is limited to designing 2 sites, and if you want the paid version, then you get enslaved to a monthly fee… Yuk! So, not likely that one.

Just one comment. Consider that users are used to typical website UX, and they don’t like it when they are lost on a site that uses something unconventional. It’s kind of like steps in architecture. There is a certain standard that people are used to, and if you change it for aesthetic reasons, people will literally fall.

Yes, I agree iraszl. I was drawn to graphics for the opposite purpose though – the artistry and uniqueness, not the sameness.

Web viewers aren’t big on creative and unusual website design. They want tell me what I want to know, and right now. They don’t like to have to learn to navigate website. It’s a turnoff.

I used to use Muse, then switched to Wordpress for my clients who need websites. There are tools and widgets, tables, forms, and the whole responsive thing is built right in. And you don’t need to know coding, although a little html and css is helpful.

Why do you want to do this? This is really outdated technology, and you’d be reinventing the Wordpress wheel.

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