Is there a name to this illustrative style?


I would like to recreate something similar. Plus, a good tutorial on how to achieve it.

Thanks in advance

That’s quite a mix of “styles”
Not a particularly attractive one either.

Semi real tablet and stylus (stock maybe?)
Semi real one ear bud. stock maybe?
4 illustrated earbuds (use either or…)
Some spatters and a random photoshop halftone.
Plus some flat design poorly mapped to the face of the tablet (perspective is off.)

Here’s the question. What is that pile of junk advertising? Where is the focus of your eye supposed to go? Where is the hierarchy?

I’d find something else to admire.

You won’t find a tutorial for that.

I agree with the others about it being something I wouldn’t aspire to. It’s a bit of a mess.

There are tutorials for learning software and various techniques. There aren’t really tutorials for creating works of art.

I’d call it a type of graffiti style.

I think its more like mixed illustrated typography work.

Collage, Montage, Assemblage … what’s the big diff?

Here’s a similar collage composition … as in central element surrounded by a support elements … tutorial

Here’s a bunch more:

Thanks for all your replies. Really appreciate this.

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