Is there a possibilty of Akzidenz Grotesque being pre-Installed on OS(s)?

Since Helvetica is pre-installed many OS(s) I was wondering whether other fonts like Akzidenz Grotesque,etc would also be possibly pre-installed…

What operating system are you on? You should be able to look in the files to see what fonts are on your system. If you are just wondering if it comes pre-packaged, it doesn’t, not that I can find anyway. Assuming you are on a Mac. :wink:

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I’ve never seen Akzidenz Grotesque included as a font in any software package. It was one of the early grotesques, and might be considered a little less refined than some of its descendants, like Helvetica or Arial, which have been included in various operating systems. In other words, if a company was looking to include a workhorse sans serif as a built-in font, it likely wouldn’t be Akzidenz Grotesque.


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