Is there a software to create Motivational Picture quotes in bulk?


I use couple of online websites that allow me to create motivational quote images(Canva and Quotescover). Both are good to create picture quotes.

But sometimes I need to create say 50 or 100 Quotes, so is there any software that helps achieve this, i.e. create quotes in bulk? Also, let’s say I’ve resource text quotes in an excehl file and resource background images in a folder… so I want to input them and apply quote no. 1 in excel file on background image no. 1 and so on?

I’ve searched a bit on internet but couldn’t find anything of this sort so thought may be anybody know anything in this regard? Thank you.

Quote_001 Quote_002


You will probably need a layout software a little more sophisticated than those you mentioned. A layout software that accepts “variable data” is what you are looking for. I’m only familiar with Data Merge in InDesign.

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I have tried the Variable option in Photoshop but looking for a software that allows more options like choose multiple fonts. Let’s say, I want to the “bulk” option of website Quotescover :slight_smile:

You mentioned “layout software”… is there any you can suggest?

I haven’t used InDesign… does it offer this facility to create quotes in bulk?

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