Is there a time standard for designing stuff

There is a company here and i was called for an interview for the post of Graphic Designer, i was to create an infographic banner on a Windows PC (Note* : I use Mac). So it took me 3 hrs to create the banner without referring a template.That had a bunch of information about their products. Given to the fact that every thing in a Windows PC run opposite to a MacBook.

Do i sound lazy if i am taking 3hrs to create a banner, or does it requires a superhuman to do the same stuff in an hour.

Every job is different and no two designers would take the same amount of time to design something. A good question you could have asked during the interview is if the task was timed. Either it’s not timed and you can take as long as you need, or they have a window of time in mind.

An infographic can have many illustrations and graphics. Without knowing what you created and what was supplied it’s hard to say if 3 hours was reasonable without seeing it. In the real world, something might take 3 hours first draft, but can take longer depending on how many revisions there are.

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Was there an expectation by the company to have the project completed in a fix amount of time?

Not really, no one mentioned that initially. I guess they must be checking the time taken. Though i guess if a designer is not taking inspiration from templates, it takes a bit longer as compared to the one who has taken inspiration.

So do you know if you’ve gotten the job yet?

Charge what you need to charge to be competitive. Do a couple google searches for average hourly or salary in you area to get a ballpark of what the client is probably looking at too, then lowballing lol. If it takes you 3 hours and you can do it for $100. Great. If someone else can do it in 2 hours for $100, it only matters to you because you’re making less per hour.

Finally, a lot of businesses have a lot of middle management who want to throw in their 2 cents. I cannot count the number of times I’ve had a RUSH job, send proofs, then wait 2 weeks, only for it to come back with changes as a RUSH again.

btw identify those clients and price them accordingly.

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