Is there an online tool that can output large format posters?


A client has asked if it is possible for me to create a large format diagram online, so they can easily update the content and print it out. The output document will be a large (36 x 48") poster.

This is a document I would normally design in indesign (or illustrator), however I am wondering if there is another possibility I don’t know about that would meet the client’s needs.

If anyone knows of a tool, or has an idea for a process, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

I would still design it in InDesign as planned, as far as the client editable finished piece, i’m not sure.
You could try to get the a PDF file with fields the client can change, Other than that i’m not familiar with any web tools that would allow this.

Would kinda sorta depend on what you mean by “diagram.”

There are any number of overnight print resources that will print out a poster on demand. Or, if they are doing a lot of them, they could just lease a 42" HP plotter and print the piece themselves on any of the OEM types of media you can feed into one of those (Plain Bond paper is cheapest.)

As for setting up an editable file… Everyone would like an Easy Button, so it sorta depends, again, on what you mean by “diagram”

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