Is there any sites to find templates free?

Guys, i’m doing a work and i need to find some cool one page advertisements editable in Word and Powerpoint, did any of you know a site that i could find some of this? There is any suggestions?

I assume you are talking about ads for print. If so, you shouldn’t really be producing any sort of ads with either of those programmes. They are simply not the correct tools for the job.

No, i’m just asking if someone know about a source of some cool design one page templates for Word and PowerPoint.

I can’t help I’m afraid. Perhaps someone else may. There are loads out there with a quick google search.

If you could be more specific, it may help someone direct you to the right place.

Be aware though, that very few pro designers would ever use Word for design, unless they had to, so this may not be the best place to ask. I’ve had a few occasions over the years where clients have needed things designing in Word for internal communications, but for anything external, as I say, it’s just not the right thing to be working in.

Hope you find what you need.

Because this seems to follow the basic arc of this post,
Try GraphicRiver. Lots of craptastic stuff there. Maybe even Word and Powerpoint templates. I’ve never looked. We usually deal with professionals.

Or maybe you can post a site you just “found” that is “awesome”?


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