Is this a good logo?

A logo for a cooking recipes app.

Can you read it?

To me, some of the lines are starting to look like maybe it might be text.

Is it a good logo?
I have no idea - what was the brief - who is the target audience - what are the goals - who are the competitors???

So many questions.

Is the google logo a good logo - nope. Is Rockstart games logo a good logo - nope.

What about doughboys?

What about ebay?

Not exactly the best logos - but each driven for different markets and audiences.

What makes a good logo?
Can I look at a logo and say it’s good or bad - yes, subjectively to me it might be terrible. But does it serve the purpose of what the logo is used.

I don’t read that language - so I have no idea what this logo says.

Without the image of the kitchen… what could it be?
I would have no idea.

Without prior knowledge, if I saw the Google Logo on it’s own - would I know what that is?
Probably not.

What makes a good logo?
That’s a question you need to either provide the brief to us.
Or decide for yourself.

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I’m not exactly sure what this is.
It doesnt exactly say, “cooking recipes app” and it shouldn’t have to explicitly say it…but context would help and the background image isn’t exactly lending any favors.

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It’s a pie.
But I only know that from the “a logo for a cooking recipes app.”
the white lines overpower the pink ones. those are more like bread slashes than pie.
Why pink? Cooking isn’t a pink-related activity, necessarily.

I thought the white lines above and below the company name were probably meant to look like lines of text, as in recipe instructions. As for the red lines, they may just be decorative but have an organic look that I think is appropriate for the context. Maybe they even look like rising steam where the lines connect at the top? It’s not super obvious whether it’s meant to be representational or not. While that wasn’t exactly the answer you were looking for, I think it can be helpful to know what people see in your design before you’ve explained to them what you intention was.