Is this forum using Discourse?

I apologise that this is not a design-related question. However, I really like the look and feel of this forum. I am looking at forum software for one of my sites, and I have looked at Discourse before, but the cost kind of put me off.

I recently realised that they do a self-hosted version, so I was wondering if this was a self-hosted?

Thank you.

I’m not sure what you mean by self-hosted version

and yes, this forum uses Discourse.

I don’t know if the forum is hosted by Discourse or hosted independently on another server. Forum member @iraszl is the GDF supreme leader who takes care of server- and business-related issues. He checks in quite often, but you might consider sending him a private message.

Thanks. I assumed as much.

Regarding self-hosted. You can use their service and their hosting which starts from $100 a month, or you can get it for free from what I can see and put it on your hosting account where you have to install it and maintain it. By self-hosting, I meant the latter. Its not that important.

Thank you.

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