Is this logo for my blog looking nice?

I have developed following logo on my blog myself using Adobe Photoshop. I’m not a top-notch graphic designer.

You can check it like here (

Note: Logo has transparent background and has white color due to which it is not visible. so try to open in new tab
Anyone would like to give their feedback about the logo?


Hey, I like that. A vanishing logo.
Saw it briefly.
Out of context a logo is just a pretty picture even when you can see it.

It looks like you just picked a font for the blog name – no real concept or design work there. I am not a fan of the typeface, and the tag line is tough to read. I think a professional designer could have some fun with this.

Online mag for Geeks.

“Geeks” should be without the apostrophe.

For the top of a blog, I think the logo works. It seems to be composed of nothing more than a couple of lines set in a script typeface. Even so, it’s distinctive and I think it’s okay — if not especially creative.

I agree with Schweta’s comments. Drop the apostrophe in Geeks. You’ve used the word as a plural noun, and plural nouns don’t get apostrophes. Those are reserved for possessive nouns.

It’s gone now.

Well, I’ll give it full marks for, um, clarity.