Is this logo functionally sound?

I found this on a flyer today. Since I’m exposed to such designs quite often in my country I was wondering whether I should analyze or pimp such things.

I also looked them up on the internet and here is the transparent version: image

This is a logo for a company which provides digital cable tv services. “Jadoo” is a Bangla word for magic.

THANKS in advance!

Is it “functionally sound?” Yes.

Is it a good logo? It’s mostly just OK.

I don’t know what you mean by pimping it, though.

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My biggest concern with this logo is the DIGITAL getting plugged up or disappearing when the logo is reproduced at small sizes. They may consider going with an alternate version that drops the DIGITAL when necessary.

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By “pimping it” I mean making it better or try to make it better.

I guess, yes it’s good

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