Is this possible to create in Illustrator?


Don’t you somebody know if this kind of illustration is possible to make in illustrator and if yes how to do that?

Thank you so much

Yes, it can be done. How to do it? That’s a bit like posting a picture of a car and asking someone to explain how to build it.

You’ll need solid reference material, a thorough understanding of Illustrator tools and effects, 3 - 4 dozen practiced techniques, artistic talent, capable hardware, time, and patience.

Possible, I suppose, but I suspect its creation spanned more software than just Illustrator. How to do it, um, that would take many pages to explain and require many months of your practice.

You know, it just occurred to me what those drinking squad buddies are doing standing around with their backs to each other in awkward poses. :laughing:

LOL! Yeah…“checking the tires.”

Totally do-able in Illustrator.
More probably done in Photoshop.