Is this typical?

take a look at this job description and let me know what you think. At my last job we kept the designers, printers and production crew separate except for rare cases of unloading or moving materials.

Print Production Specialist
Full job description

Printworks is a large format print company located in Beaverton, OR. We are looking for an energetic, hard-working individual who is interested in a full-time position playing a couple different roles. If you have experience or knowledge of standard concepts, practices and procedures in the print industry, please mention it in your cover letter or resume.

We are growing rapidly and need an individual who can jump in and help produce great work for our clients! In this position the individual will be responsible for communicating with the production team, performing & finishing work/tasks delegated by our production team, helping with general daily warehouse tasks, prepping files for print, production, proofing art files and creating designs / concepting ideas for clients. The successful candidate will be highly organized, able to think quickly and creatively with a positive attitude, have an eye for detail, and capable of working in a dynamic, fast paced, and growing environment with the ability to change tasks while staying focused.

Job Description:

· Has knowledge in Onyx Rip software, Adobe Illustrator software, and other design and print software.

· Has knowledge in proofing & prepping art files for print production.

· Has knowledge in running print presses (HP latex printers, Summa cutters, etc.)

· Has knowledge in production finishing (Grommets, hemming, trimming, etc.)

· Can be on their feet for long periods of time. Lift rolls of material that can exceed 50lbs.

· 1-2 Years in the print industry.

· Can work well on a team as well as being accountable and responsible to work independently.

· Has a keen eye for attention to detail and quality control.

· Can take direction and successfully complete the tasks.

· Is well organized to handle multiple projects at once.

About the Company: We are a Full-service production house, specializing in large format, dedicated to the printing industry located in Beaverton, OR. We pride ourselves on high quality production carried out on local, statewide, and national platforms to ensure we meet client expectations and offer simple solutions that will exceed our client’s desired results. Many of these solutions are produced in-house using the latest digital printing, cutting and installation techniques. Solutions offered for printed applications include, but limited too: vinyl banners, tradeshow displays, interior and exterior business signage, vehicle graphics/wraps, custom lettering and graphics, design consulting and services, brochure and flyer layouts and manipulation.

Areas of responsibility include:

· Managing daily production including all aspects of print production and adapting to daily/weekly changes to ensure deadlines and timelines are met efficiently and effectively, while staying operationally sound.

· Handling production projects and campaigns from start to finish – file preparation, print and production, cutting, hemming, grommeting, laminating, vinyl installation, and inventory.

· Carry out regular maintenance and problem solving on technical print machines (HP Latex 560 printer, HP R2000 Printers, Konica Minolta digital paper presses, Flatbed Summa cutter, Laminate machinery, and onyx production software.)

· Alerts the Lead Manager and Finance team to any change in project scope that has potential budget exposure (or savings) or schedule implications

· Is professional, clear, direct, and accurate in verbal and written communications; communicates daily with vendors and members of internal departments as well as with others in Management.

· Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software.

· Think creatively and developing new design concepts, graphics and layouts

· Candidate must be able to multi-task and communicate well with all members of the agency team. Must be collaborative and a positive/enthusiastic team member.

· Attend all internal meetings, bringing ideas and solutions to the group while managing budgets and timing behind the scenes.

· Excellent project managing skills and problem-solving abilities.

· Ability to drive on-time, on-budget, high-quality development efforts.

· Sound judgment with clear and concise thinking regarding to the escalation of project/production issues and concerns.

· Proven graphic designing experience, presents a strong portfolio.

· Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas to the team

· Up to date with industry leading software and technologies (InDesign/ Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator / Canva/ etc.)

· Highly proficient in all design aspects.

· Efficient and effective – 1-2 years in the Print Industry would be preferable.

For an opportunity to work with a fun and fast-growing company please send us your resume. To get a better understanding of who PrintWorks is and what we do, take a look at

We offer competitive pay and benefits: If you have the above skill sets and qualities, we would love to further discuss this position with you! Please attach resume and portfolio with your response.

Note: Due to the high number of applicants for this position, only qualified candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $24.00 - $30.00 per hour

They want too much from one person, IMO. And the pay is not commensurate with that skill package (at least not here in the Northeast, dunno about Oregon.)

While I can see packaging design and file production together, asking that same person to have finishing skills, mechanical skills, and do project management on top of it all is a bit out of scope.

I didn’t look them up. If they are under 10 employees, maybe they need Jacks of all trades.
If they are larger, they are maybe throwing things into the fan to see what they get for applicants.

I wouldn’t expect to work in any printshop these days, even as a designer, and not expect to get roped into an “all hands on deck” project outside of the job description you were hired for. Tough to get print help these days. But this seems to be a lot.

Again, all my opinion.


This sounds like a company I worked for years ago.
I literally did everything as described above and was waay underpaid.
Keep in mind this was a franchise owned, nationally branded company, and there are others out there like this.
In my opinion, steer clear of these because you WILL be burned out and you’ll be looking elsewhere fast…


None of this means you can’t apply and discuss options. Interview, sniff the air…you don’t have to say Yes. If they are as in need of help as we are, they may contract for less responsibilities and/or more pay. But get it in writing.

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The job description reads like one for an experienced person in a production position who has a wide range of skills, along with some appreciation for and skills in the other aspects of the job — in other words, a reliable, smart team member who can fill in as needed almost anywhere.

“Graphic designing experience”? Somehow, I suspect their graphic design requirements won’t be too onerous.

I also think the extra-long job description might have been written by someone who thought the description needed to include every possible skill imaginable instead of focusing on the day-to-day stuff that the employee will be doing 90-plus percent of the time. Someone with equal proficiency in everything they mentioned already has a job as the shop foreman at another printer and is making twice the $24-30 per hour they’re willing to pay.

If you’re considering applying and think you have a big chunk of the skills they mention, by all means, apply. Job interviews aren’t a one-way street. You’d be interviewing them to see if they’re a good fit in the same way they would be interviewing you.


It’s not typical to find a job ad that explains so clearly the role(s) of a prepress operator. The recruiters usually have no clue as to what is involved. I would see this ad as a positive encouragement to join the company. Two negatives - Experience 1-2 years is their way to justify the low salary and ‘Due to the high number of applicants’ is not only their way of saying we won’t reply, but is transparently unfeasible.

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I think that ad goes a bit beyond describing a pre-press operator. What they’re asking for is a plant manager at the pay level of a trainee.
But you’re right, they aren’t going to get a ‘high number of applicants.’

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This is basically what I did many years ago. Worst career choice, I thought it would be good to get hands on with output and gain experience, but you just end up stretched to the maximum.

What they describe is about 2 or 3 different roles.

This days I wouldnt get out of bed for $30 an hour.

They will get applicants, they will hire someone. And they will end up doing whatever role they are best skilled with.

They’ll either be a full fledged artworker with some knowledge of the print area.

Or they’ll be a print finisher with some knowledge of artwork.

But the job is not sustainable.

It’s like hiring a barista that has to milk the cow too.


Thanks! Your opinion is pretty close to mine. I’ve worked at several production design spots and they never asked us for help on stuff. Several times I was asked at one job simply because it was a rather small crew of 4 designers and 3 installers and being young and fit it was only natural to help unload materials when they needed it

It makes me feel like they might not have a printer and every job might have a little degree of quality variance. I wonder what “regular maintenance and problem solving on technical print machines” means. I was only slightly comfortable with the roll press I briefly operated but I couldn’t see myself being technically competent to fix any issue that might arise with it.

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