Isometricks: an easy isometric editor


I’m a frontend developer, and I’ve been working on a nice side project these last months:

isometricks (.com) is a simple isometric editor, trying to reproduce what you can do with isometric paper, but with some extra digital features.

It runs in the browser, so you can use it on pretty every platform.

It will be helpful if you want a quick prototyping tool for creating isometric shapes, or just want to have fun playing with it!

Once you’re done with your illustration, just hit the download button, it will download your artwork in SVG format, so you can use it in Illustrator or Inkscape afterward.

Let me know if there is anything you think could be made better, or additional features, I will listen carefully any suggestion!


Since I use CADTools all day long (Illustrator plug-in) I just use that isometric feature. It stays native to Illustrator without all the back and forth.

avoid using the word “it” every sentence, English is nice where the language has many words for objects like image, design, art, creation drawing, sketch, file, picture, graphic and picture. these are nouns i thought of while typing.
i hope this helps!

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