Issue when using a "Providers" PSD files

Hello everyone,

I am turning to this forum to maybe find a solution regarding PSD marketing files that we use from a certain game provider at my place of work.

Just to let you know, our manager has already contacted them directly about the problem and they insist there is nothing wrong with their files.

The issue I am having with them is that anytime that I have to use their files, the PC nearly comes to a standstill, everything becomes very slow/freezes and what normally takes me 15-20mins will be 4-5 times that long. We use more than 10 providers which all provide the marketing files to advertise their games but this is the only provider which gives us these problems.

I have tried the following:

  • Rasterizing all the layers in the PSD
  • Closing any additional software and leaving only Photoshop open
  • Increased the memory usage and reduced the history states in Photoshop

This improves the process but still, moving layers from one window to another is super slow and when saving it also takes very long compared to other providers.

The main thing that I can see that is happening is that it uses up all the RAM but what I can’t understand is why only their files are doing so.

These are my PC specs:

  • Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.70GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • Solid State Drive
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB
  • Windows 10 Pro

My colleague also has similar specs and also has the same exact issues with this provider.

What do you think can be wrong with these PSD files and if I can try something to solve the problem? I can also share a PSD file here for further inspection.

Thanks in advance.

Hard to know without seeing the file.

What file size are they?
Smart objects?

Have you provided them with a file that behaves correctly and ask them to conform to this file as a test.

But you would need to share the file. And perhaps also a file that works well.

Your computer specs are fine.

The only other thing to consider is the version of software, but that’s a stretch.

Thanks for your reply.

  • PSD sizes are between 300MB-600MB
  • Smart objects I am rasterizing and re-saving the file

I have uploaded a PSD file to WeTransfer, I added some text overlay over each layer because of usage rights and rasterized each layer, somehow the PSD still stays at 329MB. You can download from here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Regarding the software version, we are using Adobe Photoshop 2021.


They may have unnecessary graphics hidden and bleeding off the canvas on multiple layers and that’s driving up the file size and contributing to the slowdown. If they paste things on to layers and don’t crop the layer afterwards, the file size can become monstrous. I’d suggest making a copy of the file, note the file size, then start on the top layer, do Select > All, then Image > Crop. Then repeat and do that same thing on each of the other layers. Then save and note the new file size, which will probably be lower. Maybe much lower. Maybe manageable.

If that doesn’t help, I’d start deleting layers one by one, saving after each delete and noting the new file size each time. And keep checking the performance to see if the absence of one of those layers improves things. It might be a hang up with layer masks or clipping masks, if those are things they are including.

I downloaded the file and opened it on my Mac with 16GB of RAM. It’s a big file, but it opened just fine and I could work on it with no slowdowns. I’m running Photoshop v. 22.5.2.

Works fine on my worst computer i7 7700HQ - 8gb RAM - 1050TI

Are you trying to drag layers from one canvas to another in Photoshop?
Sometimes the issue isn’t instant but after a couple of minutes of use.

Here we have two different PCs with similar specs and both of us have this problem.

Photoshop version is 22.5.0

are they 16-bit?

There does seem to be something wonky about the file that I can’t explain. A 1920x1280-pixel file should not weigh in at 350 MB, yet it does. One of the first things I checked was the bit depth, and it’s a standard 8 bits per channel.

When I flatten the three layers and converted the file to grayscale, it still weighed in at well over 300 MB. This file is ten times larger than it should be, and I don’t know why. It’s full of some kind of data taking up space, but I don’t have a clue what it is.

Here’s the file back with the bloat removed

Please check it carefully.

You can do this yourself. And have the script event ready to go when you receive the file.

Solution #1: Adobe Photoshop Script

This script will remove the photoshop:DocumentAncestors metadata from an open file. To automate this task, one can use the Photoshop “Script Events Manager”. The script will be triggered on key events such as Opening or Saving a document. Running the script via the Script Events Manager automates the process of removing this metadata (File > Scripts > Script Events Manager). I am not aware of a method to “threshold” the removal at a specific number of entries, all of the photoshop:DocumentAncestors metadata will be removed, whether potentially useful or excessive! Use at your own risk.

There’s more ways in that link.

There is an issue with Photoshop PSDs which can cause bloating.
It’s explained in the links.

Kudos to @Just-B when mentioned the data.

It dawned on me about the metadata - and something I had read about years ago kicked in.

Hope it helps


Interesting. That’s something I’d had never heard about before, but it explains the gigantic file size. Nice work tracking it down and figuring it out!

I don’t know how I remember these things.

From here I looked into a bit more. And found the info.

I can retain info when I want :slight_smile:

I knew there had to be something wrong that I cannot see because it wasn’t making sense.
@Smurf2 I downloaded the file and it works smoothly, file size totally decreased and I think you have solved our issue.

Thanks all for the help, and thanks @Smurf2 you have saved us a lot of hours of work! :grinning:

If you need help with the script side of things let us know.
All the instructions are there - but if you’re stuck.

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Tested the script on another PSD file and works perfectly!

Thank you :raised_hands:

As the site itself says - just be careful with it.
Scripts are great - but sometimes they don’t go to plan if something kinks along the way.

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