Issue with Google review plugins

Does it really need to to be this difficult to add a Google review link to my clients’ wordpress sites? :rage:

So easy, just getcher API key and you’re good to go! (Not so much.)

Should I use a plugin? Is there an easier way?

Wordpress? Are you trying to do it without the sidebar widget plugin?

I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but did you activate both the Google Places and the Maps Javascript APIs?

I’ve downloaded two of those plugins.

I got the API all right, but ran into a problem trying to activate that Google PlaceID. The directions for doing that don’t make sense to me.

“Find Place.” What does that mean, exactly? What does it want? City? Address?

And when I put something in the “Enter a location” field, it just sits there.

This is not a bricks and mortar business, so I’d rather not put in her address.

I’m not sure exactly what “find place” and “enter a location” means, but doesn’t Google requires a business to have a physical location on Google maps before they can be listed and reviewed?

In other words, the address is already publicly viewable. Otherwise there would be no way for Google to map it or people to review it since the reviews are tied to the map location.

You might also be able to use Google’s Place ID number instead of an address:

Oh… yes, I guess that makes sense. Well, sort of. I do think Google reviews should be tied to the business rather than the address.

So I used the actual address, and got a place ID too. But it appears to be “undefined.” With no bleeping clue as to what to do about it. :rage:


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