Issue with photo manipulation! see pic


I wonder if someone here may please help me with this picture.
I do not know how to make the spirale, attach to the head so that it looks real!
I mean, so that it looks like the spirale is attached to the head.

I simply can not do it, I’ve tried shadowing but it did not work.
Does someone have any suggestion how to fix it?
I’m also aware that this picture over all could be better, if there’s other suggestions
on how to improve it I’ll be happy for that too. I tried a person on fiverr, for 10usd, to fix the spirale, but she only made it completely worse. If someone can do it for me, that works to, I can pay that small help-amount in that case if wanted.

Thank you guys,
hope someone can help me out!

/ Sindra

The spiral looks too small, in my opinion, in relation to the head. A larger diameter would help. Consider where your light source is and add shading appropriately. The lack of shadows is throwing it off. Also, the metallic nature of the spiral is going to reflect the colors around it – particularly the green hair and the red goo.


I just touched the top part of the coil … from below the chin down to the first chunk of red stuff.

I knocked it back to create some depth and then grabbed some green from the hair, flesh from the chin and a bit of red ‘stuff’ to give the coil some reflective content.

5ive min at most.

The lower part of the coil needs a lot more work to blend it in and perhaps widen out the base of the coil too … on and on and on.

Fun image tho!

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