It's Friday! August 24, 2018 edition

A little something from the vault to give you a laugh on this lovely Friday :heart:


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All you, Fortune cookie writing, Odd complement getting, So So close to getting your houses, Zombified, Didn’t know Jerry Garcia was a criminal mastermind, Wishing you’d thought of “Poo Hand Luke”, No longer wondering if the mods actually do anything around here, Graphic Designers!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Okay…listen to this…since you mentioned Johnnie Walker…I was out and a friend of mine is talking to the bartender and asks what the price of the Black Label is…she decides it’s too pricy, orders the Red…and then…
mixes it with Coke. Might as well have put a pancaking Skittle in it.

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Come back to see Bevel-fest on the top/main image. looks like the 90s threw up their Zima’s after a night of partying hard jamming out to Soundgarden.

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Lith and I have come up with the awesome band name Thundersleet and the Sloppy Tots.

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I’ve seen prosti-tots at the mall…is a sloppy tot the aftermath?

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Heeeey, even the stink lines sparkle. That’s the mark of a high-quality glitter poop.

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Paranoia . . . $6.79
comes with a side of fries, cole slaw, or fruit salad

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Friday, my second favorite F word

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for those who can not afford the Helvetica brooch, you could always consider the less expensive knockoff, Arial brooch.

And now …



I sound like an old fart – I guess I am – but I can’t believe another week has flown by. Crazy.

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Ah, the good old days.
Random, playful, and damn funny!

Happy Friday.

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Oh man. What a week.
I went on a crazy bender and did some things that I thought I’d never do (again).

It seems to be out of my system, which is good.

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Bender? LOL :smiley: two sips of anything would be a bender for me. I always say … I’m a cheap date :wink:

Yes!!! We sure had some crazy, fun times along the way :heart:

Join the club! They all begin to blend after a while lol :smiley:

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Awww miss Morea



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LOL!! :smiley: :smiley:

123456 since you can’t say LOL!! as it’s an incomplete sentence. Thank you Discourse :wink:

Happy Friday! I am pleased to report that I have no plans for the weekend. I got a new sectional a few weeks ago and want to marry it. We’re going to spend the weekend getting to know each other better.

Great quotes RKK! Thanks for pulling them all together!

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Koolio quotes there R to the K to the K!

I had a great week this week … talked a client out of using Trump Gothic.

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I wish it were a substance bender, that would be so much easier to explain

9:18 on Friday night. I am at my desk . . . drinking wine, listening to a lounge jazz mix on YouTube. So, yeah, it sucks working this late on a Friday night. On the positive side, my email inbox is completely empty, and my job list is completely up to date. I’m going to get a nice bike ride in tomorrow morning, and then take advantage of my wife being out of town to plow through some of the jobs that have been lingering on the job list.

Oh my goodness! Thank you RKK, keeper of the vault.

Glitter poop. Sometimes I think my job as a designer is just churning out glitter poop.

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