It's Friday the 13th! 🤪


Not too much to report from up here in the woods. Another semi-lockdown goes into effect tonight at 10pm. We are seeing a rise in cases so everything has to be closed by 10pm every night including bars and gyms. Only 10 people are allowed to gather … anywhere. You can imagine all the people calling for Cuomo’s head right now given that Thanksgiving is coming up.
We’ve never had more than 10 for Turkey day in years. And this year with everyone’s work schedule it will be even less. We are going to my sister’s house as usual and coming straight home. I’ve already heard folks freaking out that they can’t camp out at the stores for Black Friday shopping. Again … not an issue for me. I don’t do it. I’ve only done it once in my life … hence why I’ve never done it again :wink:

We’ve already decided that our big gathering which is Christmas … is not happening this year. It’s really sad in a way … but it’s just one year and there are soooo many of us that there is NO way to safely distance. We will be giving gifts to the littlest ones when we can before the big day :wink:

Anyhoo… have an awesome Friday!!!

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Pretty much ditto here. We got shut down in MA last week to the same rules.
Not quite sure why Covid isn’t contagious before 10pm but whatEVer…

Not even having turkey this year. We’ve decided we don’t really like it so why bother. Cornish game hens seem to be the consensus, if I can find them. They’re scarce now for some reason.

Hoping today is an early day. Bad week.

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LOL… I get that safeguards need to be put in place … but it all seems so arbitrary.

… and confusing.

My area has new restrictions going into place effective Tuesday.

There are finally statewide restrictions here too — months later than when it should have been done to effectively slow things down, but hey, that’s the story across the country.

I spread my time between a couple of locations: Salt Lake and my rural hometown in the south-central part of the state.

Here in Salt Lake, my guess is that most are wearing the supposedly mandatory masks when out in public doing their shopping or whatever.

In rural areas, nobody is wearing masks or paying much attention to any restrictions. For that matter, people are rebelling against them. A couple of weeks ago in my hometown, there was a big anti-mask rally in the park (big for a little town). It was complete with speakers toting semi-auto rifles, wearing camo and making claims of Communists and Hillary Clinton subverting society and spreading the hoax of a pandemic. Masks, according to them, actually cause sickness in the ignorant “sheeple” who wear them.

Infection rates and hospitalizations are skyrocketing there, of course, and they’re still denying the obvious. I think half the country has gone nuts.

Sometimes I wish I had been born in Canada.

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This is going around up here.

In case anyone doesn’t know … that’s Gov. Cuomo.

With my sense of humor, I think it’s funny. But, as you can guess there are those that don’t. :grin:

There are definitely groups up here that aren’t going to be told what to do … whatever. I’m so sick of everyone’s BS lately. I just stay in my own little corner of the world and rarely venture out anymore. People are too damn scary.


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