It's time to "Spring Ahead" ⏰

Don’t forget to set those clock ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday! (If you live in a DLS area)

Daylight savings beings at 2:00 am on Sunday :wink:


Oh and …

Have A Great Weekend!!!


Yay Spring! :cherry_blossom::blossom:


Been looking forward to this since November!


With over a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures to match, it seems more like mid-winter than spring. Warmer weather can’t be far off, though.


We got a light dusting of snow overnight, but it’s supposed to be 62 on Sunday.

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The snow is here … then it’s gone … then it here

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

We had a storm a couple days ago and all the snow is gone now because the temps keep going up during the day.

Tonight they are predicting another storm up to 9 inches. Whatever we get will be gone in a few days unless we fall back into a cold snap :wink: Right now it’s 42°

I wish we would get another snow storm. this last snow was so weak.

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My dream has always been to live in a place where a few flakes of snow show up every four or five years — just enough to remind me of how much I dislike the stuff. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t feel the same way.


Every four or five? Lol I’ve never heard someone have a snow preference like that.
I enjoy the snow until it interrupts my plans and I have to worry about getting somewhere on time.

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