I've been making web sites since 1995. Does that make me a UI/UX expert?

I’ve been making web sites since 1995. Does that make me a UI/UX expert?

How does one qualify to be considered an expert?

Or for that matter, How does one find out what level of experience one is in UI / UX?

I feel like I should be considered a professional in it but since it’s sort-of a new term, who is the judge?

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It might make you an expert at UI/UX for websites.
But there is far more to UI/UX beyond websites.

When it comes to design, expertise is measured by results, not how many websites you’ve designed.
Do you have any quantifiable results from your web work?

Hi PrintDriver,

By quantifiable results, Do you mean to having A / B tests that one design performed better than another?; Via analytical data for userflow from page to page (menus/buttons), important content displayed above the fold or banner clicks if monetized, is that correct? Would there be more for me to look at?

Thanks for your reply and any additional information.


I have been playing badminton since 2001. Does it make me an expert badminton player?
My dad has been driving from 1994. Does it make him an expert driver?

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I think the term is nebulous. Becoming an expert at anything has no well-defined threshold. Expert and expertise are just terms that point toward an advanced level of proficiency, knowledge, ability and experience.

I too have been designing and building websites since early in the '90s. I’m probably an expert at many things related to web design, but not so much of an expert at others where my aptitude, experience and interests are lacking.

Most web designers are not UX/UI experts. Just because you can create a site does not mean you create one that demonstrates any UX/UI expertise. A lot of websites have poor UX/UI, meaning people can’t use them easily so they just look “cool.”


Thanks. That makes sense. Does one get certified in this job title?

Thanks for your reply. Also, thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn the word Nebulous :smiley:


Yes. There are certification programs available for this.

Thanks! :smiley:

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