I've created my first resume ever :D

I recently wanted to create a resume for myself, and I’ve researched some of them on google, to get the basic idea for it. I didn’t visit Pinterest knowingly to create my own style as much as possible. Is the resume too simple or is it informational enough? Do you like the design? Which one do you prefer, the dark mode or the light mode? Is it bold enough and not childish or do you think it is childish, and why? I am open to any advices, please give or ask anything, and I’ll try to answer them as much as possible.

PS: I still practice and improve my English, if I make any mistakes answering your possible advices or questions forgive me in advance :DD

Dark Mode

Light Mode

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You haven’t had a job since 2019 - no more info since then.
First thing I’d be asking is why did the other job only last a few months, and what have you been doing for 3 years? Finished a course in 2021. So what have you been up to for a year and a half?

Gaps in the CV are rarely good.

The other thing is the expansion of movie genre - and you haven’t given an expansion for any other interests.
Is this just a way to fill up space - or is it all-encompassing for all your interests?

Seems a bit weird to just expand on this topic and not the others.

I have severe social anxiety so that stopped me doing any work after my highschool graduation and my internship. Dante agency lasted 3 months because the school started and I had to quit, they already knew that. Intership lasted about 6 months because we had to quarantine in our houses because of Covid-19. And after covid I couldn’t even leave the house properly, so I took antidepressant medications. That made me feel better now, and I am ready to start somewhere, anywhere.

I’ve self learned almost everything, even before the graphic design highschool, so I know I made some mistakes, but could you be more specific about the gaps in the resume? Are they too far apart or are they stacked together?

I felt like the movie thing it self needed some genre details, but for video games and other things, I basically read any book, or listen a lot of different music genres, and play different kind of games. How can I make it better, so it would look more appealing if you don’t mind me asking:)

All the OP had to say was “Covid” and you get the point. And from the location, Turkey locked down later than most.
There will be a lot of gappage out there from late 2019 to early 2022.
Extra details not really needed.

Clagonova your written English is very good.
What is the reason for the resume? Are you looking for working for someone else or looking for freelance work? I ask because of the ‘logo’ you are using. The use of a logo can make someone think you will be doing work on the side as well as working for them. That’s not always cool with the boss.

Rather than list proficiencies at the bottom, use the space to describe what you did at the two jobs you held. What were your key responsibilities.

Be careful of citing interests. While I heartily agree with your choices :slight_smile: someone might ask, especially on the video gaming, how much of your time that takes. I know folks who drag into work on Mondays (if they make it at all) after a weekend of online gaming. Be prepared for questions. I’d be more concerned if you were into car racing or rock climbing though. LOL!

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Ok so you could put 3 month contract and that closes that loop.
I see that a lot on CVs - contract work.

Forgot about the old covid thing - funny that I did - but there you go - perfectly reasonable answer for interview.

For the gaps - if you anything you were doing, like an online course or something, you could put that in. It always looks good to be doing something in between, shows eagerness to learn etc.

The gap thing is a warning not something to be concerned about, as long as you can justify them then it’s not an issue.

CVs with gaps always concern me as I feel a person can walk after 3 months and not do anything for months - but if you were to put 3 Month Contract in there I’d understand that easily.

Glad you’re feeling better.

I neglected to say all the good things about your CV, it’s nice, clean, easy to read and understand and well designed.

I’m still not clear on why the Movies were given categories and nothing else, as I say, probably to fill the gap.

As PrintDriver says, reduce the interests and space at the bottom - and instead to fill space put in Key Achivements/Role at the company and day to to day - short paragraphs.

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Logo? Do you mean my avatar, because I use that or it’s alternatives as my avatar. You can actually say it is my logo to ceratin point. But no, i didn’t make it for someone or a work. It cames from my artist nickname “AndromedanCat”, the alien cat. It also resembles the pepe the frog.

You mean instead of doing Interest section that I should make skills I’ve learned from my studies and my job / internship. That sounds better, thank you!!

Thank you for your thoughts and compliments, btw :DD!

I actually forgot to add to my other comment, I am looking for freelance works for now. To make and improve my portfolio. I have like five or so portfolio projects from my highschool.

You are right, I should take some online courses to fill my resume before sending or applying to do work. I think I’ve understand the gap thing, but I should look at pinterest a bit to really understand what you mean.

It’s okay, thank you for your creative toughts and compliments.

Yeah I am getting rid of the interest section.

Your other comments felt scarier than this last one, as in I felt intimidated. But thank you so much!! :DD

Most of us here would highly recommend you try to find a paying gig working for someone else before going the freelance route. The typically most successful way to freelance is after being in the business several years and learning what you are doing, instead of trying to reconstruct the wheel on every job. Take anything you can get. I don’t know what the hiring situation is like in your country, but the prospects at a print shop might be more open, entertaining, and useful than trying to land an agency/studio type job right out of high school. It appears you don’t have any post-high school education. In the US that would be a problem. Not sure how it is where you are.

This industry is all about getting out there and doing it. Freelance clients tend to be the worst even when you do have experience. I worry that someone will take advantage of you early on and squash your desire to do this line of work.

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I am actually studying to enter a university right now. When it comes to work, they also want 2 to 4 years of experience. But I never tought of working in a print shop, that sounds fun.

I understand you perfectly, but they don’t even give me a chance to prove myself, because I am a quiet type of a person.

White text on a black backgrund is very uncomfortable to read. Never use it in a resume because it might be rejected right away.

Highlight your work experience and skills, rather than education.

Leave your interests out, unless they are directly related to the position you’re applying for and/or really original and unusual.

Also, it’s very important that your resume be tailored for a particular job offer.

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Thank you! I thought the dark one looked cool but you are most likely right about that. Even tough I liked how it looks, most people probably will hate it, because noone looks at a resume at night I am assuming.

Also, do really most people have multiple resumes?

You must carefully read every job offer you want to apply to and tailor your resume to address the particular needs of each company.

If they are looking for, say, a branding expert, you must highlight your branding-related experiene and skills.

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Definitely the white one. The black version will be a mess to print.

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On top of that, if the prospective employer wants to write some remarks next to your copy, he’ll be mildly annoyed. You don’t want that to happen.

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I’m glad I didn’t hesitate and opened this topic, thank you everyone :hugs:

I just thought the dark mode would print in black and white. I did that for a CV design for someone else who requested it. It worked in a pdf.

But I thought was an online CV when j saw the dark and light mode, I thought you were just double checking if someone has dark mode enabled it would be legible.

Definitely the light mode for printing.

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I actually did it as an online resume, but it seems reasonable for someone wanting the printed version. I’ve asked my friends that doesn’t really know how graphic design works or it’s rules, and they like the dark mode more. I’ll keep it just in case someone wants it, but I’ll use the black on white as the default one.

People will definitely print your cv and keep it on file.

I have one more question. Is there a skill an employer is looking for? What core courses should I definitely take and add them to my resume?