Jesus Christ

So I have been reviewing and backing up a bunch of old images. It’s really interesting to me how our editing perspective changes. This first image I took in 2007 and posted almost straight out of camera.

I went back and re-edited it to my current taste.

They each stand on there own and I love them both…My question how as a photog has your perception changed. Frankly #2 was more respective of reality.

I’m still all about the crisp and vibrant. I love to bring that out in my pics. The only thing that’s changed is I get frustrated faster because I wish I was better at it.

(I am not a photographer, I just play one in my head)


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Two things;
1- I’m a lot more aware of highlight and shadow detail, and how it adds to an image’s impact. I try to bring out as much contrast as possible that fits the subject and doesn’t blow out detail.
2- I try to determine the end goal for the image before I start, and try to keep it in mind as I go through all the steps.

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You probably weren’t looking for critique here, but I feel a complete desaturation is never called for. I’m sure some color existed within piece, particularly the natural tones in the stone. Desaturating the blue was probably the choice, context depending.

There’s also a graininess that has been added along with the contrast that probably wasn’t in existence in reality.

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