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I have a screenshot I want to turn into a BMP cause by default saves it in JPEG and loses quality because it’s from 16-bit game. I want a know if I can turn that JPEG into a BMP returning its quality. The last post I made was misunderstood, I didn’t want to convert a pixelated image to a high quality one, I wanted a pixelated image not to be blurry.

Even a pixelated image taken as a screenshot or otherwise is still composed of pixels. Couple of things here.

  1. What OS? On a Mac you can tell it what format you want to save your screenshots as before you make them. The default is usually .png, that’s why I ask.
  2. Why a bitmap? Old tech and won’t restore an image created as a bitmap. You’d be better off saving as a .psd and trying some sharpening/edge-detecting filters. Though I have to admit you may have to resort to some gaussian blur or unsharp mask as the last step.
  3. If you can retake the screenshot, try enlarging the image so you have as many screen pixels as you can representing the block shapes of the pixellated object. Depends on the source as to how you might do this.
  4. if the image is an isolated item in the code of the website, sometimes viewing the source will give you some…uhh…tangible results. Just bear in mind that it will most likely be protected by copyrights. You can’t just click and swipe stuff from the internet.

Can you define that a little bit more clearly?

He wants a blocky image like a Minecraft being to be sharp edged, even though it is blocky.

I’d have to see the image. If he’s taking a screenshot of an image of a bitmap, the blur could already be in there from the previous mangling of the image. A screenshot a first-gen object should be fairly clear if taken large enough.

Oh. I just looked at the image in the other thread. Yeah. There’s no fixing that short of blurring it. Or redrawing it.

Its from a game in my laptop. Windows 10. I dont care the format I just want a perfectly pixel image no blurry or anything, raw. You get me?

You see that? I want it raw.

“Raw” has no meaning in this context. As long as your only source is a screenshot, the image is limited to the number of pixels of which your screen is comprised. If it is unsatisfactory as-captured, there is no path to a significant increase in quality or clarity; no magic tricks to be done.

You could try contacting the game owner/artist directly to see if they have a high-rez version. Doubtful they would fork it over for a personal request though. I’ve had trouble getting releases in that area of art even when the request is legit for business reasons. But most often, this kind of thing is what it is. It gets rendered for the game and done is done. Original art gone or never existed in the first place. This kind of thing, where time = money, it was probably drawn at the pixel ratio needed for the final art and nothing better exists.

There might be some things you could do to get an okay trace of it, but it would never be a perfect render and may end up looking exactly like that paint by number-looking background.

This is what we’d call “blurry, not blocky.”
Highlights are still a little blown out but lunchtime is over.

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