Just wondering

Does anyone else think the last Pantone chip book looks like some kind of murder scene?
It was just sitting here on my desk, creeping me out.

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Yepp. Totally. Murder in the print house. :open_mouth:

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Hard to imagine what they were going for with that.

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Looks like they murdered the legibility of all the words on the page.


Without a doubt. Even zoomed all the way in I can barely make out “Coated” and “Series”… I thought it said “Serif” :joy:

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Well… they definitely murdered the readability :smiley:

Again … how many eyes did this pass that got the ok?


Forget the cover. It’s the contents that make me weep.

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Maybe the girl on the cover couldn’t take it (the contents) anymore.

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“She’s been Purpled, Inspector”
“What about a cause of death?”
“Looks like Pantone 526”


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