Kalohq, legit?

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed this company “Kalo” popping up on LinkedIn. They post job opportunities and usually lead with titles like “Freelance Designer for GoPro” “Freelance Graphic Designer for ESPN”.

Basically freelance (insert design related position) with (insert well-known, cool company). In each of the job descriptions it mentions this company Kalo.

I thought it seemed fishy so I never looked into the job postings. Well today, LuLuLemon posted 5 different design related jobs on indeed in my city (where they do not have an office or headquarters). I saved the jobs, not that I am a fan of LuLuLemon, but I know the popularity of that company and would be interested in a position with them.

Just a little bit ago I went to apply to the LLL jobs on indeed, which were posted about 5 hours ago, and all were taken down off of indeed. I decided to use my indeed app instead since I had saved the jobs to my profile, as I suspected the jobs were still there but when I clicked on them it took me through a series of redirects all the way to Kalo’s website.

Did indeed delete these job postings because Kalo is a scam? Most of Kalo’s job postings sound too good to be true, but they are very detailed and appear to be well thought out.

When you go to kalohq dot com, it presents the company as a freelance marketing software that helps companies manage and pay freelancers. I could not find anywhere on the site anything about joining their network as a freelancer. The entire site was dedicated to selling this software to companies. And the site touts working with companies like Google, ESPN and GoPro.

So this was kind of long winded but I felt the explanation was necessary. I can’t find anything online about Kalo, no reviews, no scam reports, nothing. Has anyone hear of this company and are my suspicions accurate that it’s some sort of elaborate scam? I know there are resume farming companies out there, but I don’t really understand the benefit of hording a bunch of resumes.

I’ve not heard of it, but my opinion on all the jobs sites is they’re fine for looking up work, but I’d never apply through them. Instead, I’d head to the actual company to see if it was listed, then apply through there.

I wouldn’t call these companies scams so much as I suspect them of being link harvesting companies that get most of their listings by crawling through the Internet and scarfing up listings from legitimate company websites.

I don’t know anything about Kalo, but I do know that on occasion I’ve gotten emails from Linked-In obviously where people have tried to use my email to open a fake account.
Try and contact Support at Linked-In. Non-existent. Nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a scam working on that platform. Other than for folks rabid about collecting “links” I don’t get the attraction.

Kalo is a staffing agency. Read more here: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/28/lystable-rebrands-as-kalo-building-linkedin-for-contractors.html

It places freelancers and takes a commission from the employers they work for. Like any staffing agency, you’ll results may vary.

I have to agree with you calebninja! I keep seeing postings on LinkedIn and when I click on them I am redirected to a page that does nothing. I have tried contact Kalo but nobody follows up. I still read the article on CNBC but that article was posted back in 2017!

The funny thing is that they have 2 sites. This one https://kalohq.com/ which you find doing a google search and this one: https://job.recruitics.com/kalo which is run by a company called Recruits.

So the big question is if this site is legit or just a scam?

If you can’t tell, err on the side of caution.

I emailed them to ask whats going on. I will post what they say if they get back to me.

Being the cynic that I am, is it worth the trouble?

I know nothing about them, so I have no opinion on whether or not it’s a legitimate thing.

However, if they are scammers, wouldn’t it be safe to assume they’ll continue the scam in their reply to you?

A couple of months ago, Mrs. B visited a website where a pop-up window appeared saying her computer was infected with a horrible virus. The window also said to call a phone number in India to speak to a representative from Apple on how to fix the problem for only $99.

She called (yes, she’s a bit gullible) and had a prolonged 20-minute conversation with the guy on the other end who did his best to reassure her that she really was talking to a customer service representative at Apple who, for $99, would instantly fix the problem. She finally handed the phone to me when I walked into the house. After about 20 seconds of listening to this guy, I just hung up on him.

The next day he called my wife (who had, of course, given him her phone number) to apologize for the attempted scam and that he hoped she hadn’t gotten in trouble with me over it.

It was weird. An inept, guilt-ridden scammer calling to apologize.

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Now that’s a first! I’m shocked that people can still actually surprise me on occasion :smiley:

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Well the seem to work with a few large companies so it may be worth it.

Well here is the funny thing. These don’t seem like scams. The projects or job postings never come from Kalo directly in to my email. They are posted on places like LinkedIn, InDeed and other job posting sites. When I originally confronted LinkedIn and reported the jobs as scams LinkedIn ignored it and never removed the job postings and to this day they still post jobs from Kalo.

I will keep everyone posted. They just contacted me about their redirecting issues when you “apply” for a job.

Oh I truly believe in these scammers. I actually had one contact me about a 3 month project. They conducted a interview that lasted almost 3hrs and at the end of it all they basically wasted my time. The posed as a person that left the company 6 months ago and when I confronted them that they were using someone else’s identity they were offended… they never asked for money… they never asked for personal info… just wasted my time!!!

But the FBI cyber security devision was very interested in my case!!!

Thanks, Willyflew. I skimmed through the whole video. I’m quite sure this is something very similar to what Mrs. B was dealing with. She says she never gave the guy permission to control her desktop, but it was a close call.

I’ve always wondered how so many managed to get scammed, but these people are experts at making themselves sound legitimate. It’s sad they can’t use their obvious talents to do something positive for the world instead of stealing from it.

Hello, this is Ron from Kalo. This thread was just brought to my attention and I wanted to jump in and clear up any confusion. First off to answer the topic of the thread, yes Kalo is legit. Sorry for any confusion about our company or what we offer freelancers. We are in the process of updating our website to include more information geared directly at freelancers who are interested in our platform. We have a FAQ section that answers some of the questions in the thread here https://www.kalo.work/freelancerfaqs .

In short, Kalo is not a freelancer marketplace, it’s simply a way to get on the radar of our partners, some of the most innovative brands on the planet. There’s no bidding, no public briefs, our customers will outreach directly to you if interested in engaging you on a project.

Our partners and companies we work with will share with us specific freelancer roles they are looking to fill and we will assist in sourcing for them by boosting the roles (as been noted in the links posted above) and handling their application process.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion around Kalo. We’re excited to see all of your interest in our platform and look forward to working together. I also wanted to point out that we have a new blog for freelancers and remote workers with tips and resources for people such as yourself. You can check it out here Kalo WaterKooler Blog

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