Keeping a brochure closed

Hi there! I’m working on a fold out brochure that has a booklet saddle stitched into it. The “outside” also has a closing flap. My dilemma is how do I keep the flap closed?
Thank you for your suggestions!

If I understand correctly, you might want to create a spine, of sorts, on the cover brochure that equals the thickness of the booklet inside. The spine would be created by two scored parallel vertical folds — the space between them being equal to the thickness of the booklet.

I’m assuming you’re using a heaver stock than usual, like a cover weight, for the enclosing brochure, right?

what size? how many?
belly band, velcro are options but add to the cost.

do you have a mock-up of the finished look and unfolded look to get an idea?
another thought is a tab and slit but all those require an add-on cost or someone to make the brochures stay closed.

If you are mailing this, check your postal regulations. Some things require 3 points of closure now.

The booklet is not thick enough to need a spine on the outside cover. Although the outside stock will be thicker, the inside booklet will only have 4 pages in 200m paper.

It wont be mailed but thank you!

I’ve looked into a low tac glue dot or a very thin velcro. I don’t have my mock up just yet.

If that’s the case, I’d think that simply having the printer score the fold would be enough.

Thanks everyone!

I’ve seen pamphlets as you describe closed with removable glue dots and with clear circle dot stickers. You can’t have anything too bulky or too permanent.

Will a tab tuck work? Something like this? It’s used for a folder here, but might work in your case.

Do you know who is printing this job? Because I would advise going to your printer and see if they have any suggestions. There are plenty of solutions with different price points (if that is a factor).

If you just want the item to lay flat (without the use of glue or other binding elements) haveing the piece scored and then passed through a folding machine with adequate pressure should keep the item flat.

Though, digital printing may crack a bit depending on the amount of toner coverage at the fold points.

You can use Velcro. I did that once it folds out from the middle.

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