Kellogs removing or changing their package design

So in lieu of the recent Kellogs boycotting, people are attributing their change in branding as an effort to fly under the radar and continue to sell products to people who are literally looking for the Kellogs logo to tell them what not to buy.

Do you think this is actually the case or were they just lucky in redesigning right before the boycott? I feel like with design changes across 20 or however many brands they own as well as modernizing it at the same time and then the production process behind changing the packaging of an entire skew of products just seems to be unfeasible.

Here’s a link to the new branding:

I’m all but certain the labor strikes and calls for a Kellogg’s boycott aren’t the reason for the brand update. I don’t see any possible correlation that makes any sense at all.

First, I don’t think most people care or are even aware of the labor issues. From what I understand, it’s a typical, old-fashioned labor-management dispute.

Second, the change isn’t large enough to confuse anyone. All their cereal boxes still have the same Kellogg’s logo front and center on every box — just larger. No one honoring the boycott will be fooled into buying a box of Fruit Loops or corn flakes thinking that it’s somehow something other than Kellogg’s.

For that matter, I think the timing is unlucky for Kellogg’s. I’m certain, the update has been in the works for many months. If anything the coincidence of the labor issues and the new packaging muddies the publicity they would otherwise get from the new look.

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There’s a boycott on Kellogg products?
I just looked at their product list and I’ve been ‘boycotting’ Kellogg for more than 20 years, LOL!

I can’t keep up with what is being cancelled and boycotted.

The stuff I buy, read, eat, share, wear, sleep on or watch is never going to change unless a price is better on another version. LOL

I’m a very bad boycotter lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I also had to go look at Kellogg’s listings. Other than the occasional can of Pringles or Club crackers, I found out I don’t buy much Kellogg products. Who knew? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did however hear of the boycott and the strike. For anyone that doesn’t know it’s the usual. Big Corp wants to cut benefits. I read a quick run down of the strike.

The workers had been working long hours, day in and day out during the pandemic to keep up with demand. All while Kellogg has been reorganizing and implementing new benefits (or lack there of). New and future workers would not be able to have the quality health care, retirement benefits, and holiday and vacation pay that current worker have. That’s what prompted the strike in order to protect new workers coming in. Kellogg is now threatening to send additional jobs to Mexico and replace them permanently with the temp workers that have been filling in.

I also read that people boycotting are being called Cereal Killers.

That made me smile :grin:

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The offered the workers a 3% raise. If you’re making $15/hr that’s 45 cents. The CEO makes 1.3M. Screw Kelloggs.


While I sincerely doubt a union workforce is making only $15/hr, and right now I’d gladly take a 3% raise at it sure beats the nothing I’ve gotten for 2 years…I distinctly remember the last Kellogg product I bought was a nostalgic box of PopTarts, read the info label and asked, “why am I eating this crap.” That was the last of that.

I personally do not care what a CEO makes. Without CEOs you don’t have big companies employing lots of people.

On the other hand, I do care about unearned bonuses though. That money should go to the workers.

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Oh my bad, they’re making 13.64/hr. There’s a living wage for ya.

Dunno, the highly praised Rolling Stone (sarc) article I read said new line workers start at $19.95 with “legacy” workers making near $30. Remember Average is Average and may include unskilled labor.

It also explained the situation a lot better than any other article I’ve read, considering the source.
Boycott away.

Don’t need your permission but I will!


Unionized Kellogg’s workers in four states have approved a new five-year contract, bringing a swift end to one of the longest-running strikes of 2021

Employees in four states voted to accept a tentative agreement reached last week, according to company and union representatives. The five-year contract includes across-the-board wage increases and cost-of-living adjustments, as well as expanded health care and retirement benefits. It also provides a pathway for newer employees to reach the company’s coveted “legacy” wage and benefit status, partially addressing a concern that many workers had raised about a two-tiered workforce.

With the ratification vote, union members return to work Monday.


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Still not gonna buy PopTarts.


LOL … same. I haven’t eaten a Pop Tart in a coons age :wink:

I hate the hydrogenated oily taste that coats your mouth after eating a pop tart, however I do like what they did with their new branding. Kellogs is on the other side of my state and they were hiring a senior designer/graphic designer for a minute last year so Im glad to see this branding come out.


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