KIA rebrand leaves people wondering who 'KN' is!?



They changed that back in Jan 2021. Been seeing them on the roads for a year now. It still reads Kia from a distance.

yeh, guess it’s triggering search engines now people trying to find out what car it is as it’s not legible - and the search trends are showing it now.

Ouch - didn’t even see the KN because I saw the logo for the first time in the context of KIA rebranding, but once you see it…

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I guess you gotta ask why a major car manufacturer would use a kitschy backwards N in their logo?

Yeh, I’m seeing it more now. At the world cup matches, Kia is advertising and comes up with the KN logo - but then text after that as Kia - in plain text.

I can see the point with the logo, wow, guess they are just rolling with it and pressing forward. Not much you can do now with it being on millions of cars by this stage.


И is Cyrillic for I. So the logo reads КИ to a Cyrillic user or Kai if translated. :grinning: