Kill a client!


My dear designers I made a mistake with a client. I showed him those two logos and guess what he wants!!!
I’m praying him, try to tell, explain teach, that he is mistaken. No luck. He likes “b”.


If you design two options on a logo, the client picks one, and then you have to teach him why he is mistaken, something is wrong.

I addition to what Steve said about not showing clients options you don’t feel are good, I sort of agree with your client on this one: I like the second one best. Sorry.

The first one, to me, reads as Gb, which as far as I can tell, means nothing. If it’s supposed to be an AL, I just don’t see it. The second one reads as AL, although I don’t see what it has to do with Athenian Lofts, whatever they might be — places to stay in Athens, maybe.




So far, everyone who has expressed a preference here agrees with your client. I’d go so far as to say I would not have even shown him ‘a’, so…

Can you please do the same for us?


My clients quite often pick the designs i’m least fond of.
I have a good-to solution I use just as often.

I bill them for the artwork they chose and release the file to them.
I then use that money to buy groceries and alcohol.

It’s not my place to push them one way or the other. They are both your pieces, are they not?
Let the client have what the client wants.


Maybe I should offer them a drink before the presentation. Wtf as long as he pays, he get the one he wants.

That’s what i’m saying.
It could a poor rendering of a tree, drawn with AI’s pencil tool.
If the customer chose THAT over two other stellar illustrations, I would say…

“Excellent choice! Poorly hand drawn renderings that could be mistaken for a young child’s work are really in right now”

cough “That’s $50”

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You really ought to add some zeros to that figure.

Invoice: to: Just-B
TOTAL: $500.00


Good job constraining it to 2 colors. That’s worth an extra $25.

In addition, that swirly, cut-off branch thing in the middle of the trunk is easily worth at least 50 bucks.

One on hand I want there to be apples in that tree, on the other hand I like the cost-effective efficiency of two colors.

Add some brown apples and send it to print, I don’t even need to see a revision.

I’ll be sure to credit you on my facebook page and leave a review with a phone scan of your work on your google business page*

**An actual fear of mine about giving clients sub-par work.

B design is better. The mark in A is weird and not very readable. Also the use of all lowercase has a very different feel than all caps. All caps is more stately, architectural and strong.

Just-B. I’m sorry but I have yet to receive payment. As one senior artist to another, I take this very seriously. As part of my unpaid invoice policy, a 6% interest charge has been added.

In advance, I also prepared business cards and rack cards for you with the absolute certainty that this piece of art work was of critical importace. These must also be paid. Since there is no additional typesetting to either of two card sets. Simply the tree. As it is. Sized to fit. I’ve simply multiplied the invoice by 4 (rack card was double sided)

Please pay $12,386.00 at your earliest convenience.

I have a valid coupon for $13,000 off. If anything, you now owe me $614.


Rosewood typeface? I do believe that invalidates any document. :smile:

Brush Script… and hmm… and what’s that peculiar sans-serif typeface?

Rosewood is this year’s Helvetica. As a designer yourself, I would have thought you would be keeping up with the latest trends. The circus look is definitely big this year.

This oversight alone clearly points to you being a charlatan, a phony and clearly unworthy of any payment whatsoever. I’m not one to so easily fall for these kinds of online scams.

Judging from that beautiful tree logo, I believed I was dealing with a person of true talent, when in fact, you couldn’t have done such magnificent work yourself. I should have known this was the case when I saw that cute little blue heart next to your forged Brush Script coupon signature, which I now realize was there only to evoke a false sense trust and friendship.

I’d be willing to bet at this point that Biggs isn’t even your real name. :open_mouth:

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