Kindly rate this log. This is my first attempt

The graphic is pixellated
The strapline is in RBG blue (impossible to match in print), too small and the font is not appropriate
Three fonts including the one in the graphic

Not bad for a first attempt though.

0 out of 10
0 being the worst rating and 10 being the highest rating.

I rate it 0.

I am not trying to be overly harsh, but the truth of the matter is that nothing with this logo is working. One of the biggest problems is that I have no idea what is says. oav, rav, ray, av, something else? Even if I could read it, there are a host of other problems that would prevent this from being pro-level work.



Thanks for your reply. I didn’t consider that I will need to print the design in future.

From all your replies I get that the design is not good enough. What would you suggest I do to be better.

Keep practicing and keep doing design courses.
Keep reading. Keep learning.
Keep going.

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I do not show my first attempt to a logo.
I am in this business since the nineties.
Keep going.

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Thank you for the encouragements

Eventually, I’d strongly advise that you get yourself formally educated in design at a good university, if you want to pursue a career. Do as much learning on your own beforehand, but don’t expect YouTube videos will give you anywhere near the skills and knowledge you need to become professional. We see it day in, day out; armies of the self taught who think they know what they are doing, but don’t have a clue. You can spot them a mile away.

Read as many books as you can about design, written by the greats. Actual books, not internet opinions. Start with the best and work from there.

Hope this helps

Yes - forget about YouTubers - there are so many ‘wannabes’ that don’t know what they’re doing and giving bad information.

If you can’t afford the books, go to a library - or talk to a college/university/school near you.

This is far too common. Not only might you have to print it, you may want to reproduce it in other ways (think schwag.) I don’t see it too often now where I work, but there have been occasions in the past where some small startups wanting hard logos for their first outting to an event, like a tradeshow, were suddenly finding out their ‘designer’ really screwed them with a web-only, raster logo. Some of them had to be totally redesigned to work in print and 3D. ($$$$)