Know the tools but can't think creative?

I have a problem I am unable to think creatively. I have tried different things to solve and overcome this issue like:

  1. Searching over the internet.
  2. Practising the fine arts.
  3. Ask professionals for the guidance.
  4. Ask over the internet (including this forum):

Still does not find any success. Is just I know the tools how to create something but I cannot think creatively. If someone says make this picture then I will be able to create it, but if someone give me the description and ask me create it by yourself by using your own creativity then I will struggle by a lot. Is there is any area in graphics field in which creativity is not required?

If you know the tools inside and out, and can figure out how designers built files, and can fix them, doing Prepress can be a pretty good job. No creative.

Sound good any more graphics field which does not require creativity?

Sales rep.

Can you elaborate the sales representative ? It sounds like marketing job

Artworkers do not usually do any creative.

Somebody else creates all the design.
You would then reshape for different sizes. Or input different languages etc

Is artworkers is same as Prepress . As I have search over the internet both discription is quite similar

Not so much a direct answer to the question, but perhaps food for thought…

For what it’s worth, creativity comes in various forms. For instance, my primary client is a manufacturer for whom I design technical content. I work in (one of) their Engineering department(s) where products are developed, and I’m responsible for all the printed items that accompany the products when they leave the factory on their way to the customer. There’s some labeling, but it’s safe to think of it as mostly “documents;” the kind that you might often pull out of a box and throw away. In this work, I rarely make choices related to font and color, there is an Engineering Communications Style Guide to which my work adheres, and the writing and illustrating I do is straightforward and anything but dramatic. Most people who think of themselves as “creative” would DREAD doing this work, and consider it anything but creative. However, I was able to carve out a very secure niche with this client by approaching the job creatively. The way I manage the content development process, new methods I devised to convert and use the Mechanical Engineers’ 3D models to produce high-fidelity vector graphics, and my upgrades to their writing and layout standards seemed “revolutionary” to them compared to the way they published these documents before my time. Now, materials that were once a cost-of-doing-business chore are rightly respected as integral to the perceived quality of their products.

No. Prepress operators typically work at printing companies, and requires more knowledge than just knowing tools. Like dot gain, plate making, impositions, repairing supplied artwork from designers and artworkers to make it work on their systems etc, where it can involve some artwork and some basic design skills.

Artworkers typically dont do prepress work. They take design assets and branding instructions and make new artwork based on supplied assets.

make new artwork
By making new artwork means have to create new original art by using creativity?

no. using designed material supplied, and specific guidelines.

So you might take a A4 poster and resize it a B5 advert, using supplied assets.

Got it. What do you guys think about 3D as what I know in the world of the 3D we don’t need that much creativity as we get the designs, sketch or anything in between we just to create that particular thing by using 3D model. Also, as artificial intelligence progressing mundane jobs are replacing with Artificial Intelligence. There is a high chance that artificial intelligence will affect the graphics designing. Watch this video for clarification:

AI in graphic design. I can’t wait. Maybe a computer can set up a file to print correctly.
But I doubt it.

Close your eyes and imagine you have to do it yourself or you have to do it for your future child at school and wanna be the best dad in the school to make him proud. :slight_smile: atleast thats helping me :smiley:

Thing is this advice just help you more forward for and work harder. Like myself my inner drive is to be better than past self and also become a valuable asset to my family in the future. But it does not make you creative sadly. I have spoken to several graphics designer about the creativity there is no single answer to this. The following are a few answers:

  1. You are born creative if not then spend time with sketching
  2. Spending time trying new things will help you become creative
  3. Observe designs every day.
  4. Never settle always improving you are artwork by revisiting your past portfolio if you are still liking you’re past designs of portfolio then this means that growth has been stopped.
  5. Welcome critical criticism from everyone.
    Above are the few suggestions which I get by different designers.

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