Konica minolta or xerox

Hey everyone, im a tunisian graphic designer opening my own business, here in my country we have to choose between xerox and konica minolta for printers, between xerxor c8035 and konica minolta c250i which one is best for a new business, knowing that xerox is 2 times more expensive than the konica minolta c250i, any advice would help, thank you

I would check which has the better service contract, tech support and parts availability. Price doesn’t matter if it sits like a brick in your shop.


PrintDriver has it right. Machines are machines, and neither brand is in possession of significantly superior technology. Local support is the most important thing, and should drive your decision.

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Our biggest factor in our Digital Printing Machines is Click charge. We pay per click so we pay more if we print more. It depends on your contract of course. Also consider consumables - these can be expensive depending on usage.

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Click charges are generally for leasing.
Sometimes leasing is better than buying too. Sometimes you can lease to own, or just lease to upgrade when new comes along.

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