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Hi Everybody,

I got to do an trial work where I have to do an concept.
Back in my University I did some, but the last time I finished one as a trial work it seemed to be not good enough.
So I thought its maybe the PDF I sent to the client.

The new trial work will probably be an (basic) landing page concept.
They also want an recherche for this.
And the recherche also has to consider market companions.

So my question is:
Do you know where to find examples for concepts, or do you have some you could share?
(Landing Page would be awesome, but the more examples the better.)
I would like to see what others sent to their clients as concept, so would know what I have to consider and how I could design the PDF.

Research? Maybe?

Concepts are your job. And the concept is particular to the client. Not something generic or templated.

For websites, the initial concept I’ve shown clients depends on the client and the job. Typically, it’s consisted of three or four representative sample pages from the proposed website. I’ve made those mockups in Photoshop (or Figma or Adobe XD — although I don’t use either). Sending the mockups via email in PDF format would be fine, I suppose.

I’ve never created only a landing page mockup. The landing page is often a unique page that isn’t representative of the entire site.

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