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I’ve just launched which is a landing page hub for designers. A source of inspiration to view latest landing page designs and find your next landing page template.

Any review of design and tool is welcome.


Are you selling templates?

No, we’re featuring landing pages and templates. Some of them are websites, and some of them are premium templates. Maybe you saw the buy button in the listing of a premium template.

It might be a source of inspiration for designers, but keep in mind we have a no advertising policy here and yours is sort of straddling the line.

I dunno. What I just saw when looking was pretty darn uninspiring. They all looked the same.

So in way of a critique, why is there a submit button on the page, when there’s nothing to submit? Click the button and it just goes to an email form.

Probably more important is that it’s unclear what your site is about. You say it’s a source of inspiration, but it seems more like you’re selling something. Looking at it, though, I can’t really tell for sure. I think your site needs to be more clear regarding its purpose.

Thanks for your feedback. They’re landing page of different startups. Sorry if the selection is not good enough.

Thanks for your feedback. The submit button is for designers or website owners to submit their designed landing pages. If their design is good enough, we feature their design in our homepage.

Yeah, I can’t ignore that. The homepage is a little like a shopping website without “Add to cart” button. Maybe adding number of views, likes, and comments at the bottom of cards could be helpful, like what Dribbble has. Will consider that for the next update. That was helpful.

OK, I understand now, but a submit button is normally used to submit a form, not as a link to another page. Your site really could be improved by explaining things a bit better.

Like I mentioned, your site is confusing in that it’s not clear what it’s about. I didn’t know if you were soliciting samples for your site or selling web design services. It might help if you place yourself in the position of someone visiting your site for the first time, then asking yourself if it would make logical sense to you.

It also wouldn’t hurt to do some usability testing. For example get a group of people together (friends, family, whatever), and ask them go to your site. Don’t coach them once they get there. Instead, just watch them to see where they get confused or puzzled — those will be things you need to make more clear.

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Yeah, probably I should rename “Submit” button to “Add Your Design” or “Add New”. I’ll rename it in the next update.

I should do that. Probably change the description in the header. Also, I need to add a call to action button to cards, so I can educate visitors about clicking on cards and see more information and visit the design website.

Thanks for your time.

really nice
beautiful work
thanks for sharing

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I made some changes and launched the project today. Hope you find it interesting.

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