Language selction in adobe softwares

Hey guys,

I have question that i would like to ask so don’t punish me for asking it okay :relaxed: When installing the adobe programs you are giving the choice of selecting the desired language. Can you tell me whats the difference between North American English vs International English and does it make a big difference when using the software?

Thank you.

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It won’t make a huge difference in your experience per se. As Eriskay rightly pointed out, the language you choose dictates the “dictionary” that is applied to InDesign’s spell check function. And of course it is simply dilligent practice to have your application set to the language that’s best applicable to the project output.

Beyond that initial choice at installation, in InDesign, language is assignable at the text frame level by choosing one (with the frame selected), from the Language: menu at the bottom of the Character panel (when ‘Show’ Options’ has been chosen from the panel menu).

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