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I’m wanting to purchase a laptop for heavy graphic design use. I run Adobe CS 5, usually with many applications simultaneously. I know I’d like one with a larger screen, and hope to find a good one for less than $1000. Any recommendations? Thanks!

My tech guy builds my laptops and desktops. He knows what I need, and he assembles them to be hefty enough. The price is always reasonable, because I’m fine with new or used. I use a big, color-calibrated second monitor.

I have not bought one for years, so cannot recommend a model.
Guess it depends what you need .
I’d go for a gaming laptop, as they usually put performance over looks, thinness, weight etc.
Battery life can be a corner they sometimes cut too, so consider if that’s important.
I use a large screen second monitor, so 15 or 17 inch screen isn’t a big deal.
I prefer a matte screen too, some don’t.
I have illustrator CS5 and it runs great on Windows 7 , but I’m not sure about Windows 10?
You might want to check it’s fully compatable first.
If you cannot find out, you could ask on one of the Adobe user forums eg

Might be tough to get the RAM, CPU and graphics card requirement for $1k.

I find the iMac’s (or MacBooks) manage 8gb of RAM 100x better than a PC.
I’d be forced to opt for 16gb RAM on a PC.

Your MacBook would also come with a graphics cards suitable for design work.
The later Macs seem to be lacking in the Processor area, but then again, your CPU won’t need to work quite so hard with sufficient RAM and a solid graphics card.

My new employer gave me a Surface, with minimal RAM, and i’ll be honest, for a Windows PC, it functions pretty well. I don’t think i’ll ever learn how to actually find things in windows 10 though. I have to use the search box for everything.

If I were getting a macbook I’d opt for the 16 gigs if I were you. You can’t upgrade them. Ram soldered in at the factory. Adobe is getting so you need that 16 these days.

You know what, Solid point PD, I don’t know what that didn’t come to mind, especially since I have the very same issue with me iMac. It’s not soldered to the unit, but in order to access it, one must perform a risky operation of removing the screen, and literally ALL other components, to get to the RAM at the bottom.

My old iMac had a nice little door at the bottom that you could replace RAM with ease.
Steve Jobs would have never stood for this blasphemy.

Yes, I miss Mr. Jobs with each passing iteration of Apple anything…

MacBook for sure :smiley: But it’s expensive as hell, I hope I’m going to earn some money for it in a year. So far I’m quite satisfied with my HD Touchscreen Notebook. If you want something even cheaper, check this list Hope it helps.

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