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I’m looking to purchase a relatively budget friendly laptop or tablet that I can attach a keyboard to that will work well with some design programs. Adobe CC and things like that. Any recommendations??

Well, I wouldn’t recommend a tablet for that.

The Adobe applications require a fair amount of horsepower and storage space. A good laptop with at least 8MB of RAM is a minimum requirement unless you’re only running one app at a time.

I’m using a Mac laptop with 16MG of RAM and it still maxes out every now and again.

If you’re talking about Microsoft Surface tablets, that might be a different matter, but despite their name, I really don’t consider them to be tablets as much as really strange laptops.

A Laptop is a proper computer, in a portable case. A tablet is a big phone. Just look at the difference between a program (for computer) and an App (for phone + tablet).

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I’d suggest getting a laptop with a decent amount of RAM. Tablets are just not good enough to do professional design work, especially if it involves creating print-ready material.

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Def not a tablet. I don’t have experience with laptops as I love the big screen of my desktop.

Get as much RAM as you can afford and if you’re don’t mind the heft, get the biggest screen you can. Designing on a small screen is sucky.

Android or Apple ios don’t run most adobe programs etc so that’s most tablets out.
You don’t specify what budget means,
best look for a laptop that for the price range concentrates on things like ssd drive, fast processor and lots of ram.
As opposed to extra thin, long battery life, super high res screen.
A ugly gaming laptop might be good idea.
Laptop is better too as you can add a second monitor, even an old one is super helpful.

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