Laptop upgrade

Hey guys! New to this group and quite new to graphic design.
I’m from Australia and am looking for a new laptop as my laptop is old slow and useless! Just wondering what you guys would recommend for a good laptop for graphic design.
I mainly design clothes using adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. I have a budget of $3000 but cheaper the better of course
Thank you guys

I don’t have any specific brand or model recommendations, but whatever you get, it should probably have 16 or 32 GB of memory (the standard 8 GB isn’t enough) and at least a 1 TB of internal storage. Whether a larger laptop display is relevant to you is something only you can decide. Fast processors are important, but they don’t need to be the fastest — a step or two down from that will work fine and save you lots of money.

With any money that’s left over, I’d buy removable storage and a big display for desktop use.

perfect thank you! exactly the type of answer i was after. thank you

Since Adobe apps consume a lot of resources, you need at least 32GB of RAM.

You can run Adobe apps perfectly fine with 16gigs ram (but if you are doing video, you definitely want more.) The resource the Adobe apps use most is scratch space. On a working machine you don’t want to fill your hard drive with a lot of crap. You need big blocks of drive space for Adobe apps to write to. I keep about half my drive clear on my home office machine (about 250gigs.) My work office machine is overkill at about 800gigs clear. But it sure screams through the bloated photoshop files and glowy illustrator files.
The other thing that takes up resources are your streaming services and background apps. Choose wisely. Especially if writing to the Cloud.