Laser engraving logo for wooden products


I am looking for a logo for my start up. I am a wood craftsman by trade and planning to establish my company. For this I am looking for graphic designer for a logo.

I am a student myself and paying this out of pocket, thus my budget is around 20€. Im willing to negotiate a bit. The point is I am not looking for serious professional degree work, just something I could identify with in the future. I operate in Oulu, finland and would like to see that reflect somehow on the logo. I am a wood craftsman and plan to use this logo on wooden products engraved with laser.

I would like something like 10x10cm logo. Theme nature/wildlife. Simplistic. Artistic freedom for the designer. Personally I would like to see something of round geometry. Amateurs and practice jobs are welcome, as long as I can use your design.

Thank you,
Marc Järvinen

What kind of woodwork would you be willing to do for 20€?

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Being a student and all I could do plenty for 20€. I realize your question was more directed at my suggested budget, which I totally understand. This is what I am able to offer as it is and those willing to work for this may take on my offer.

Thank you for your feedback.

What I was trying to suggest is the idea that if this is going to be a business that gives you a decent calculated income, there’s hardly anything you can offer for €20. It’s the equivalent of 10 minutes of your time with no materials and no specialised machinery.
If the foundation of your visual communication investment is not worth more to you, you should probably not ask highly professional experts.
Try to make the logo yourself. It will probably be no worse than a €20 job.

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Fair enough. I was not aware I was asking highly professional experts here. Not that I didnt mention it in my original post either.

I assure you I can offer my budget’s worth for someone who might be willing to work with my said budget. You might not make it, but someone else might. Simple economics, please be more open minded. I am not forcing anyone to make anything for me, I am simply offering the choice for work with given budget.

I’d make you something from wood for 20€ and I would not make it any less of a quality product than anything else I plan to make.

I am aware my budget is low, as this is something for me that is just about to take form. I am nowhere in my league to hire professional designers here yet and honestly my hopes lie in finding a student or someone who is practicing just like me, thus willing to work for smaller budget.

Let’s say I am working on a project to make a clock. I will the face of the clock with veneer in intarsia technique. This is where I would like to engrave that logo in with a laser. For the base of the clock I will use pine. This will be clock I was planning to sell for 40e. In that I have takeoff about 20 euros. Say, you make me design and cover shipping costs and you have yourself a new clock.

I have a blog in my name in blogspot, but currently its mostly in Finnish. However I have published pictures of the design of the clock. I would be willing to make this trade, if they’d prefer.

Just so you know this is a forum filled with professionals. They have countless years in this business. No one is going to devalue their trade with that low ball offer. There are plenty of places out there doing that to the trade already. I completely understand you don’t have funds but, that doesn’t change the fact that things cost what they cost. If you are looking to barter services, you would have to have conversations with prospective designers and see how much of your service would need to be bartered to make it worthwhile.

Anyhoo … closing this up before you get more replies you really aren’t going to want to read :wink: