Layer Tennis

Has anyone ever heard of layer tennis?

There was a sponsored competition over at
but that ended long ago.

I’m considering starting up a round of it. Didn’t know if anyone else would be interested.

I’d be up for the shenanigans.

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So I guess I’ll start it out.

Here are the rules.

  1. One designer sends a prompt image to another (or a group) the other designer(s) take that element and try to create a piece of graphic design (most likely in an advertisement, movie poster, business identity, textile pattern, etc.)

  2. The group votes on which one wins the first “volley” and that person gets to start the next round using the same layer that was created in the first volley.

and it goes on until we all decide to start a new round.

If we go along and decide the rules need to be changed we can discuss and vote on the changes.

Here is the first volley. In the original Layer Tennis there was a time limit. so we should try to keep it to 20 minutes or something. I only used like 10 minutes on this first one.(it is a stock flourish)


I tried to post the layered PSD, but it wouldn’t take it. Perhaps I can send it via DM.

Well I tried :sweat_smile:

This is really hard!


I couldn’t come up with one for @Steve_O 's but I thought that this made a good album cover @LandOfFae

What do you think?WILLOW_SMALL_


This is fun! Keep going!

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Anybody? Come on, don’t make me play with myself. Oh, wait, not like that.

I’d say this one is pretty completed and it would be hard to go any further.

@Steve_O Why don’t you put out the first volley for a new round?


The rest of this week is going to be nuts for me. I will let someone else start and add to the next round.

We are cyber-punk now!



Here We Go!

Volley #1
Remember have fun with it and don’t work too hard. This is something i whipped up in illustrator, I like the color scheme and I thought the shape kind of is a night seascape. Anyway have at it designers.

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I totally love these colors! Could be a cover for a tv show.

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New ideas :smiley: polar bear by me


I’ve gotten busy with work lately but it seems like this is going well. Who wants to start off a new volley?

I might when I get off of work tonight. No guarantees though I might be creatively drained.

Here is a volley for you. What do you think?Volley2-1