Layers in Photoshop auto merged into raster layer

I have no clue what happened but all my layers and folders for my PSD file merged into one flat image layer.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Is this a bug? Is there a fix?

I don’t have a back-up of the PSD file but luckily it was just a mock-up and not a super important file. I also don’t believe it’s an issue with my system as my comp is fairly new and has outstanding specs.

After this most recent Photoshop CC update, I have been very frustrated with little annoyances but this one takes the cake.

Did you hit Command + E by mistake rather than Command +S?

I may have but if I did that’s the first time I’ve ever made that mistake in my years of using Photoshop.

But if I did hit cmd + e I would still need to save upon closing, so I don’t think that was the case.

Hopefully I never run into this issue again.

If it happened recently, during your current work session, you can use History in PS to go backwards and undo what happened.

If you are on a Mac and have Time Machine running you can go back and grab the file before the merge happened and bring it into the present.

Some effects, actions, and memory intensive filters will prompt for a flattening, sometimes you just “yes” through the prompt sequence. Cntrl E could also be the case (more likely so).

If the piece was over a certain file size when saving, it could have also prompted a flatten.

Time machine is a great tool that often goes under appreciated and under utilized.
Make sure you set the year in which to travel appropriately, and ensure no coworkers or family members are close by. Go back too far and you won’t be able to return to the current year.

If you’re on a Mac and not using Time Machine, all I can say is, you get what you deserve when either Adobe or Apple (or both simultaneously) do something really stupid with an update and you can’t reload from an hour before your workflow went toes up. I’ve been doing this 25 years now, and in the last 6 or 7 I’ve had to reload more times than I can count, compared to none in the previous years. And that is even with waiting up to a month after a system update releases (I always try to wait for the first patch.)

Thanks for all the feedback.

To clarify, I am on a PC and I wasn’t working on anything too PC intensive. I was designing a landing page mock-up; some text, images and guidelines.

If I accidentally hit ctrl + e I would have noticed as upon exiting PS, PS would prompt me to save and this would flag in my mind that I didn’t hit ctrl + s. However, I am not ruling this out as I could have very well overlooked the save prompt.

When I opened my file up the following day, that is when I noticed everything was one layer. Because of that I unfortunately have no way of going back. Again, this file was not crucial, so it is not a huge deal, but I can’t fathom the horror of this happening to an important file that I had invested days of work into.

I just want to get this issue on everyone’s radar in case they have run into it or run into in the future.

Here’s to hoping I never have this problem again.

Fascinating issue apparently it has been happening for years as example:

Thanks grfkdzgn. Never seen that one, but good to know.

Very interesting that the this mentions saving as a PDF because that’s exactly what I did. I saved a PSD version and a PDF version. I just double checked the corrupted file by clicking “save as” and the “Layers” box was checked, but maybe that was unchecked at an earlier save?

I was noticing an issue with PS during my following workflow:

  • saved workingfile1.psd
  • saved workingfile1.pdf
  • saved workingfile2.psd

After saving workingfile2.psd, PS left the name (at the top of the panel) of the file I was working on as workingfile1.pdf. So whenever I hit crtl + s workingfile1.pdf would be replaced with the layers in workingfile2.psd. I remember it being very frustrating because normally PS changes the working file to whatever file you recently saved, but in this incident, no matter how many new file names/types I saved, as long as I had the working file open PS kept showing the panel name as wokringfile1.pdf.

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