Layers of Web Design

I’m a beginner designer what are the 6 layers of website design? I want to design a website Somebody told me that I need different layers of design to design a website. I didn’t understand that. Any Suggestion?

In my many years of designing websites and paying attention to this kind of thing, I’ve never heard of “6 layers of web design.” I don’t have a clue what that would be about. :thinking:

Maybe he means stages?
Brainstorming/Research, Framework Sketches, Rough Design Sketches, etc… That’s all I could think of. There are the principles of design as well he may be referring to? Not sure.

Yes, never hesitate to admit to not knowing something, and ask for more information
This is for 2 reasons:

  1. A person may have genuine information that will benefit you from that moment on, and if you don’t ask them to continue and complete the exchange of their knowledge, you’ll be left guessing. Usually though, a person who is truly earnest in teaching you something won’t wait for you to ask.
  2. Much more commonly, someone will tell you something like this just for the sake of talking down to you and demonstrating their superiority. Calling them on it will expose their charlatanism and help you avoid asking an online forum full of strangers about some principle that doesn’t exist.
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This sounds like a strategy learned in a class or in a book. Like “6 steps to making your own website”.

But there could be something to it. If you find out more, please share, so we can see if it’s worth understanding/utilizing.

It could also mean that you make a background, then “fields” (I don’t know the vernacular), then buttons, then links…

There are three layers of website designing
HTML: The Structure Layer
CSS: The Styles Layer
JavaScript: The Behavior Layer

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Thank You.

I’m going to design a website like this. so the three stages of design simply means

1- Research and concept
2- Design

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Why did you said it’s spammy? I’m sharing my reference on my own forum to get other’s opinion.

Monicageller has a link to their website as well…

Thanks PD … they are gone. They already had a couple posts removed. :wink:

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