Layers Panel


I can use some help with layers and sublayers in Adobe Illustrator.

For text and images.

I’ve started with a new art board and copying and pasting an image into it.

When I create the new layer it is the layers panel and the image is visible.

Try adding a new sub layer without adding any text or an images into the art board.

Whenever I clear the art board to add a new image or text I lose my layers in the layers panel.

I tried going step by step to create a new layer and saving the article and then adding sub layers saving each time as I go along.

My layers are not organized.

Thank you.

What do you mean by “clear the art board?”

Illustrator on a Mac also currently has a Layers/Tool bug too. If the layers and tools are just arbitrarily vanishing, turn on or turn off the Application Frame. You might also try updating to the latest Apple OS (or the latest update to the version you are running.)

Hi PrintDriver

I am using windows OS and I tried looking for Application Frame from the windows down drop menu to turn it on or off.

I don’t see one there.

Getting back to you first response.

What i mean by clearing the art board.

With the selection tool I high light the image and press the delete key and my image is cleared off the art board along with the new layer of the image in the layers panel.

When you create an object, Illustrator adds a sublayer for the shape on your current active layer. It does that for every shape and object. Delete the object and it deletes the sublayer. Working as designed.

You can create a sublayer using the menu in the upper right of the layers palette. This is basically a new layer. If you create an object on this active sublayer, Illustrator will create yet another sublayer with the shape on it. Working as designed.

Current version of Illutrator has Application frame in Window Menu here:
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 7.51.39 AM