Leader Dots Inside Table Cell


Using InDesign 2023.

I am working on a price list (18in x 24in). The client said do what you want when I asked if she wanted leaders, so I opted out. Now, after the proof she wants them. Is it possible to add them inside a table cell, or will I have to convert the table to text? Any help much appreciated.


You can insert a tab in a table cell using Rt-Click > Insert Special Character > Other > Tab

But, that tab won’t show up in the Tabs ruler utility when called up, so you won’t be able to apply a leader there via the normal tab-based method (or at least I’ve never found a way).

What you can do is, after inserting the tab, select it and apply a custom underline, dotted, of the desired weight and offset. Make it a Character Style and assign a shortcut to speed up application.

Add the tab leader to a paragraph style.

It will show up there.

Hopefully… not at the computer right now.

Better is a right indent tab to align to the far right

OMG, Insert Special Character (made a shortcut) helped but instead of doing an underline I was able to use the Tab Ruler; except, I have to manually add the right align. It’s a really weird process but it is working…going cell by cell and deleting all the spaces is very labor intensive though.


Yeah, that works.

Set up the style outside the table, then apply it to the text in the cells. You’ll still have to insert or paste the tab there.

you should be able to use GREP to replace your existing " | " and replace it with a right indent tab. Then it’s just a matter of “change all” in find/change.

Craig beat me to it…

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Technically you don’t need GREP. I misspoke. You can use the standard “text” tab in Find/Change dialogue box.

The Find & Replace helped, the only problem is that there are two spaces before/after each | so there is still some labor involved but a lot less. Super thanks!!

you can add all of that in find and change, just add two spaces, then |, then two spaces.

Yes, thanks did that! I’ve only ever used Find/Replace for text. I thought I would have to use GREP which makes me anxious.