Learning formal principles of typography

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from the description:
The ‘typ/o’ project was conceived as a mobile-first website for recognising and classifying typefaces. Its goal is not to automatically identify individual fonts, but to facilitate the learning of how to recognise their underlying formal principles. As a basis, various terms and group divisions in current international use have been relied on here. This means that slight deviations from existing norms for classifying typefaces (e.g., the DIN, Vox-ATypI, or British Standard systems) have consciously been made.
In particular, ‘typ/o’ can be used in the classroom for motivating students and fostering curiosity about investigating typography. In the ‘Learn’ section, basic information about how typefaces are grouped into categories and subcategories is presented. This is supplemented there with historical information and explanations of formal particularities. The most important technical terms are also explained in the ‘Glossary’.

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