Learning the art of logo designing

I am a logo designer, I have just entered in this field. The designing techniques are complicated when it comes to the proper inclusion of designs and textures. Knowing about the correct elements to have and the all the designing skills that the professional logo designers have. If you are professional and knows the rules which has been by experience proved successful then you can share your thoughts here. You wise suggestions and the discussion will improve the skills attaining ability.

I’m biting my tongue on this one and resisting an urge to respond.


Crowdsourcing sites aren’t where professional designers ply their trade.

Designing logos isn’t considered an entry level skill in the professional world. Logo design is only one small, but important part of a business entity’s entire branding package. It ain’t about pretty pictures. A lot of logos on crowdcrap sites break all of the rules of proper logo design, and then create a few of their own and break those too.

I often lament that “logo designers” don’t have to take out malpractice insurance. After all, by creating a logo you are creating a face for a client’s business, and you are creating files that have to be used by other service industries. If you cost your client money, his return on investment in your services could approach the red ink, which isn’t good for business.


this “Designing logos isn’t considered an entry level skill in the professional world.”

If this is spam for some crowdsourcing site why not just delete the topic?

It’s debatable whether it’s spam or someone asking for feedback. Removing the link, but giving the benefit of the doubt to the original poster is, I think, warranted.

Very well, the benefit of the doubt it is.


  1. Express the (as in not several) essential core value or meaning of the brand. This is established in developing a design brief.
  2. Develop a design brief… er, this should be rule #1.
  3. Consume mass quantities of caffeine.
  4. Relax, or otherwise take your mind completely off the design problem for awhile in order for your subconscious to work its magic.
  5. Sketch out ideas and roughs before executing designs in illustrator.

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