Lee Hnetinka, What software do you use for graphic design?

Hi Guys,

It’s Lee Hnetinka and want to know, What software do you use for graphic design?

The Adobe Creative Suite covers it, mostly. Does 35 years experience count as software?


Software? Or Hardware?

80% InDesign - 15% Illustrator - 5% Photoshop

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The Adobe Creative Suite (as in mostly Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) is the answer you’ll get from most designers. There are other similar software applications that can be used in place of these three, but they’re much less common. Most designers — depending on their specialization — also use various other software for different purposes, like video editing, motion graphics, website development, 3d modeling, etc.

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I mostly use Indesign, but also Illustrator and Photoshop to edit elements.

Thank you.

Besides Adobe, Sketch is great for UX design.

For graphic design, the software between my ears.

For graphic production, Adobe Creative Suite.

Hi @Lee Hnetinka, we use some software for graphic design:-

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator

adobe creative cloud 2018,Consider using CorelDraw 2018. I always like to use the latest software. Because I like their new features.