Let's Chat: Custom Logo Design - Worth the Hype?

Let’s talk custom logo design. Do you think it’s worth the extra time and effort, or do you prefer the convenience of templates? Share your thoughts and experiences – I’m curious to hear where everyone stands on this!

You’re asking a forum full of pro designers if they prefer logo TEMPLATES?

Got some to sell?

Using a template to create a logo absolutely defeats the purpose of coming up with a BRANDING package suited to the individual clients’ branding needs.

Templates are great for Etsy folks and scrapbookers. If you are serious about your business, put a little effort into a custom, one-of-a-kind targeted logo that you can trademark. You can’t trademark a template, and anyone else in the world can use the same one to make a logo Just Like Yours.

Bonne Chance!


I doubt there are many Charlie Williams living in Karachi, Pakistan. If this person wants to sell Pakistani logo templates that can neither be copyrighted nor trademarked, he can go elsewhere to do it. I’ve locked his account.


Why use a template when you can use AI ?


^^^ :laughing: ^^^


I love the idea of logo templates :laughing: , imagine a client coming in and within 1 minute you plug their name into a generic template right in front of them, job done… that’ll be $500.00 please :moneybag: :grin:


I’d say it happens, but not right in front of them. I know a designer who used to do that… Caught them at it.

It did not end well for them.
Actually, a few times, once with a designer I worked with. Another with a freelance designer. And I’m pretty sure there was another.

Personally I might look through templates or generate some AI logos to see what is out there. What’s the general feel cos I don’t know every industry and every scenario.

And I build a portfolio of these along with competitor logos.

Then I sit down and go through the brief. I can eliminate other company logos, templates and AI versions very quickly

Then left with what others have done, a logo template and maybe an AI version

These all fit the brief.

Then I’ll get to work to make something different to all the other options that are already done either by others, you can find in a template or generate yourself by ai.

At the end I get those options which make it according to their brief but they shouldn’t find anything similar.

My final look at my options is take what I created and run it through google lens, tineye and a few other image searches.

Once I’m convinced they are unique and fit the brief.

Then I send them.

Three prong approach
Doesn’t match image search
Doesn’t match a template
Doesn’t match an AI version

Most of my time and effort goes into making sure it’s not a template of any kind.

Ive probably fooled myself into thinking the customer actually cares.

But all my research in regards to competiors, templates, stock logos and now AI generated logos go into the presentation

Just to show them, I could do this, but I don’t.

Ive actually found competitor logos some with stock or templates.
And I explain they can have the same logo as their competitor for 25 euro!!!

Next slide usually shows the logo their name and brand colours on it beside the competitors.

They tend to decline that with a heft of laughter.

It’s good to have fun and poke fun at how their competitors are awful.

Really forms a bond.


Presentation is about 50 slides.

Last 5 slides are their logo options and sample applications…

45 slides of fun …

I don’t think I’d have the gall to present a template and charge 500. Seems like theft to me.

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I couldn’t imagine the anxiety associated with actually using a generic template and the concerns around a client finding their logo on someone elses product and the fallout from that. It seems very shortsighted and risky :game_die: :game_die:.

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And profitable.

There have been a couple of times that I’ve submitted proposals for logos, didn’t get the work, see the logo the company ended up with, do an image search, and see the logo is stock art / clip art that other companies are using.

Mixed emotions on that one. On the one hand, it’s satisfying to know the would-be client got what they paid for. On the other hand, it is very representative of the decay of the graphic design market.

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While we’re passionately discussing the joy of logo design (-ing?), does nobody notice the OP has yet to utter a word?

Take a look at @Just-B’s post (third post in this thread), but I doubt good ol’ “Charlie” would have been back even if his account would not have been locked. Unless he came back with a solution to his own post.

“Sporting, he (maybe she?) is not.”, I mutter to myself.