Let's improve graphic design asset stores!

Hi everyone! My name is Joseph, I am a university student currently writing a thesis based on graphic design assets. If you have 5 minutes, I would greatly appreciate you filling in this short survey: forms.gle/4yTAm16LXwpxPPAu8 (I can’t post links yet so this can be pasted into your search bar)

If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you in advance! :grin:

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

Some are not going to click any links. Go ahead and post your questions here and folks might be more inclined to answer :wink:

Clicking links from first time posters definitely causes one to pause.
Can’t wait to find out what these specific graphic design assets are and why their stores need to be improved.

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I understand that! The survey consists of 16 Q’s so it would be quite a long post :sweat_smile:
I’m also posting it on some other forums/FB groups etc., so Google Forms helps me to keep it all in one place for when it is time to analyse the answers. If anyone is up for it, I’d appreciate you filling it in as I need quite a lot of responses haha

I couldn’t finish the survey since the last question didn’t have a None Of The Above option.

I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but some of your questions and answers are a bit silly. For example, no designer would purchase a design asset because it “adds to my identity as a person” or “I like being part of a community when I use the assets…”

Sounds like sorta what I figured…
Might have a look later, just to see what design students are thinking these days…

Hey Just-B! That’s a shame, in my eyes the last question in like a yes/no type of answer. Oh well, thanks for trying anyway!

As for the answer choices you quoted, they are linked to some theory on the drivers of brand engagement, those two are actually quite popular answers so far. If the context is switched to the reason buy certain clothing brands or listen to different musical artists does it seem more reasonable?

Regardless, thank you for your time I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If they are popular among design professionals, such misaligned priorities constitute a disservice to their clients.

Yes, because those are personal choices, whereas a designer purchasing a design asset should be doing to with the aim of solving a client’s communication problem, not self-nurturing.

I get where you’re coming from, but for some people graphic design is just a hobby

The question that needed a None of the Above answer is the last set of questions on the first page. I never got to any subsequent pages because of it.


People often buy shoes or t-shirts to be part of a community or have fun or add to one’s self-identity, so in those instances, these types of questions might be relevant. But graphic design is a profession. Professionals evaluate and obtain whatever resources are necessary to get the job done within the budget for the job. Would you ask a group of dentists whether or not they buy dental equipment to have fun or identify as a person?

For me, design assets are typically things that qualify as business deductions for tax purposes, and not so much downloadable PNGs whose cost I just pass along to a client. I realize that you might be asking amateurs and kids to take your survey, but for me — a professional designer — none of the answers fit on some of the questions. So far, the survey seems biased toward the assumption that graphic design is the domain of teenagers and people messing around to have fun.

Maybe the questions become more relevant after that first page, but I didn’t get that far before hitting the dead-end that I’ve mentioned.

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What is your major at this University?

I see, I now also agree that I should’ve added the None of the above option for that question.

Very valid point, I get what you mean! Thanks for the feedback.

I love projects that proceed based on flawed input.